Gate City…Get Up!

The Gate City Get Up was created ro bring music, networking, and small businesses together in a fun atmosphere. Its a free event that also pairs food, drinks, and people who want a low key environment to relax in. For our end of the Summer Get Up, we decided to support two local businesses that both cater to our need for unique and delicious food.

Both companies are black and woman owned. Southern Queen Cuisine Food Truck is one of the few woman owned food trucks in the Triad. They boast healthy food with a cajun flavor. Their tasty offerrings make sure that you will come back for more. 

Sweet Somethings by Shawana is a dessert destination with a variety of yummy sugary goodness. I’ve personally had her cake in a jar and devoured it. She will be bringing out some complimetary items for the savory pairing with the Southern Queens. 

The Gate City Get Up provides an opportinity for you to spend time with your family and make new friends as we mix, mingle, eat, drink, and listen to live music. Don’t even think about cooking this Friday when you can meet us Friday, August 26, 2016 7-9 pm, at Battleground North Apartments, located at 4048 Battleground Avenue Greensboro,  NC 27410

The event is free to attend, but food and beverages will be available for purchase. We will take plenty of pics so bring your happy face, chair, umbrellas, and be ready to have a great time at the Gate City Get Up. 

Powered by Lady Bizness

Sponsored by Battleground North Apts.


Minority Enterprise & Development Week 9.26-9.30 2016

MED Week was established to provide business development opportunities to firms and celebrate the accomplishments of minority and women business enterprises during the past year. Lady Bizness has a host of classes during the week to enhance the marketing and business creation for those seeking to increase their company revenue. 

Instagram Made Easy
Monday, September 26, 2016 

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Guilford Technical Community College Small Business Center 1451 S. Elm Eugene Street, Greensboro,  NC 27406

Instagram is the “it” thing in social media. Find out how your business can benefit from this platform and grow sales online. This 3 hour workshop will teach you the following:

• How to start an Instagram page for your business

• How to gain followers and keep them engaged daily

• How to integrate Instagram into your current marketing plan

• Apps that can be used to make your photos stand out & save you time

Speaker(s): Lady Bizness, Inc.

Fee: Free

Thinking of Starting Your Own Business?Tuesday, September 27, 2016  

8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

Guilford Technical Community College Small Business Center  1451 S. Elm Eugene Street, Greensboro,  NC 27406

Are you thinking about getting into business for yourself? This course covers the issues that an individual should consider before thinking about opening the doors. In other words, this course is the starting point on your journey into business ownership. Learn how to identify critical issues and make the right decisions as you prepare to start your business. Co-Sponsored with the SBTDC.

Speaker(s): SBTDC

Fee: Free 

Marketing Your Small Business

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Greensboro Public Library 219 N. Church Street Greensboro, NC 27401

Marketing for the 21st Century small business is more dynamic and challenging than ever. Discover how to most effectively and efficiently use the many marketing tools available. Gain insights to understand and reach your customer, analyze your industry and business environment and differentiate between branding, advertising, and grassroots marketing techniques. Explore the components of an effective marketing plan in this comprehensive seminar.

Speaker(s): Lady Bizness

Fee: Free 

How to Find Your Customers

Thursday, September 29, 2016 

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Guilford Technical Community College Small Business Center  1451 S. Elm Eugene Street, Greensboro,  NC 27406

Market research isn’t just for startups; it’s an important ongoing process for every small business. Developing a focused and effective marketing plan requires up-to-date market analysis. Discover the variety of market research tools that will give you critical information about your industry and customers. Get the data you need to test the feasibility of a new business, find the competition and potential customers interested in your proposed product or service.

Speaker(s): Lady Bizness

Co-Sponsor(s): Greensboro & High Point Public Libraries
Fee: Free 

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#SuccessChallenge w #LadyBizness 

August is here and I decided to partcipate in the 31 Day Entrepreneur #SuccesssChallenge with a group known as Successful Black Entrepreneur. They have devised a nifty calendar with 31 days of actionable items that allow you to share your business with the world. I thought this was a great idea and something to keep me motivated. In this post, I will share my first 3 days with this challenge. 

Day 1. What is your mission statement?

Day 2. Outline 3 goals you want to accomplish in August. 
I create goals on a daily basis. It is the premise of my book The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success. As you get more experienced in business it seems as though many people create lists that far excees their capabilities witjin the course of a month. I  always make sure that my goals align with where I want to be 90 days. Its not just about the current month because its a master plan for the quarter. 

For me I have to plan I advance because visibility is always a priority for me. My larger goal is to increase attendance at events. Therefore, I strategically plan media appearances to make sure people are aware od the opportunities to connect with my brand. A huge part of my goals includes blogging more. But, not just blogging for the sake of putting “something” out into the world. My goal is to provide my perspective on things that effect people like myself. Remember that Goals + Plans = Success, but action has to take place for this equation to reach its full potential. 

Day 3. List your favorite business #podcast. I chose Duct Tape Marketing because I love to get marketing and practical business enhancement advice. John Jantsh conveys an easy listening interview style with great tips for improvements entrepreneurs can make to stand out. 

Now that we have made some progress I can’t wait to see what I am able to acheive by the end of this month! I might even have a challenge of my own by September….

Time is Non-Refundable 

Time is Non-refundable. Don’t waste it on people who don’t respect or value the energy that you give them. You need to decide how much is your time worth? Is it worth a cup of coffee at #Starbucks? Is it worth a lunch? Is it worth the cost of a monthly bill? All of these questions, if taken seriously, will help you to determine your currency. 

Last week I hosted an event called, Beauty and The Beats, and I decided to literally create my own currency, which I named #LadyBucks.

After giving all the attendees Lady Bucks I thought about the value of them in relation to a real market. I evaluated the fact that it was not a “real” currency, but it still had value. To get food and our delicious desserts the attendees had to bring their Lady Bucks as a trade. This transaction made me evaluate what MY currency was truly worth. 
Engaging with activities and people who are genuine is something I pride myself on. My currency is based on trust, honesty, and #AbundantLife. With that epiphany comes a responsibility to only give that time to people and causes that deserve it. 

You can always make more money, but you can not make more time. Spend it wisely and #CreateYourCurrency. Do not let people nickle and dime you if your worth more. Choose your value and stick with prices that you can live with. Create your market and find those that are willing to put money in YOUR bank. My bank is located in The Republic of #LadyBizness; and we accept respect as currency. I look for people who can Direct Deposit and avoid those that just want to make withdrawals. 

Be rich in your mindset and create your currency. Practice this mantra:   

#IamRich and there are No Refunds!


Michelle Obama… Let’s  go high! 

Over here at the #GiveItToThePeople blog our​#Mood is on straight #MichelleObama….

Michelle Obama #DNC 2008 / 2012 / 2016

She has been the most consistent, beautiful, classy, with a smile and a light bit of sarcastic shady boots First Lady Ever! But those boots are rooted in #BlackGirlMagic and take steps everyday to make the world see that a black family with values is still something to cherish and is attainable. A black woman with her clothes on is something that’s desirable. Health is a daily effort to protect your legacy. Your children, when taught how to be great follow in your footsteps. And your huaband is the head of your household,  but he knows how to let his wife shine and keep a smile on her face. 

Photo Credit Huffington Post

You better Go high when they go low girl! I bet Ms. Obama could be the President of these good ole United States. She might not do it now, but wouldn’t you be proud to be a part of a world where your country was represented by someone whose fashion is #OnSavage? Someone who knows how to come through on the biggest stages of the world. Someone who supports up and coming designers like Christian Siriano in this Bangin’ Blue #DNC Dynamite Dress! I am here for all of this Magicness that she is giving! 

Photo credit Alex Wong Getty Images

She is #ModelBehavior. She is “The #Flotus”. She is what a modern day #DNC should want; an educated “person” that lives what they say and sets an example of a scandal free leader who lives to serve. She serves a speech, her family, great causes, the United States, and amazing fashion. She is the incomparable Michelle Obama and there will never be another like her. 

The 90 Day Focus Your Action Plan for Success

Now, Its time for us to take her example and get on our #90DayFocus to make a difference. We are not Michelle, but we can embody her essence. First, check yourself and invest in things that enhance your life. Align those chakras and that wardrobe. Then, Make a plan that will allow you to be great. Aurround yourself with people that support your vision. Next,  execute that plan like Michelle. Watch what they do, but always be prepares for your next moment of greatness. Finally, have fun while your growth is happening right before your eyes. Stay focused and Let’s Go High!  #LadyBizness 

The #LadyBizness #Summer16 

​#NY this trip made me love you even more. Some people love exotic countries, beaches, mountains, quiet etc….but its something that I absolutely LOVE about the energy and atmosphere of NYC! That concrete jungle has so much to offer and I truly appreciate it more as I get more seasoned! 

Skirt #BySBenson

I want to thank my brother Kiyon and his love Jonathan for being the best hosts anyone could ask for. They treated me to exquisite meals and attended my #90DayFocus Workshop! 

And…we stayed in their spacious Guest Suite, which is available for rent on #AirBNB

We ended the week at this awesome party at Monarch. We were on that #GaveItToThePeople! 

Thanks to my mother DeLisa for being supportive and calling a million times before and during vacation. 

I want to thank the @taliahwaajidbrand for allowing me to share my gift of teaching and @the90dayfocus with women who appreciated my talents and their gifts!

Shout out to some of my favorite vendors @sanjules for my earrings.

Shout out @naturallyflyspot for my favorite Honey Butter!

And finally I want to thank my husband @montrobrown for helping me to grow, shop, network, eat, drink, dance, explore, be a copilot and have a partner to ride the train with. 

The #Summer16 Vacation is over, but please believe I have so much to bring back to #NC. #Fall2016 is the Season of #TheChocolateFace. #LadyBizness approved 

#MtVernon raised me. #NY to the heart….

I got Nothin but love for you baby! -Heavy D




Let’s create #Positivity in our communities. The solution isn’t the gun laws, the politicians, the police, the government, or the black leaders. Fear, ignorance, racism and classism will still exist.

What we CAN change is the education, involement, empowerment, the images we portray, and the opportunities we provide in our own communities.

We have to provide VALUE. I contribute through education and create entrepreneurial mindsets….what are going to do?  #LadyBizness approved

(Graphic courtesy of Alegna Media Design)


Don’t Slay…..Destroy!

When you get tired of people body shaming and not allowing the big girl to be great, what do you do? You make a video about it!

Creativity will not allow just words to express the energy you have when you see people mistreated for simply being their version of beauty. You explore all the beauty of women of different hues, you enhance the #naturalhair experience, you embrace the #LGBT community, you love the brown girl, the white girl, the black girl, the #albino, the #Latina, the #Trini, the #biracial girl. You embrace the #NewYorker and allow her to shine in #NorthCarolina.

You show how #OnSavage your style is, because you exude a fierceness that is incomparable. You take the best that #Beyonce has given and transform it into something that fits your ideal society that allows women to give life. We strive to #GiveItToThePeople with all our efforts.  It’s not enough to just think it, sometimes you have to say it. Life is about action and we’ve taken it. We empower women by breaking the Stereotypes and enlightening people on what it really means to do more than slay….We Destroy!


We hope you enjoy this body of work as much as we enjoyed creating it. This is a production brought to you by Sharita Benson of, Daesha Dawson of Seraphin Entertainment, and Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA of Video Compilation by D3D Entertainment, Video by Montro Brown, MUA’s Cierra Graham and Janika Aiken…..Love from you. Please share this video and help our message of #BlackGirlMagic Go Viral!

Unapologetic Entrepreneur

I am unapologetically an Entrepreneur. That means I have a million ideas, I’m always thinking about my business and how I can improve it.  My name is Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA and I am the CEO of Lady Bizness. My company is a part of my DNA and has taken years to develop into a brand that is recognized for quality. That was one of the biggest goals I set for myself when I came up with the idea for a company whose purpose lies in helping others reach their goals of business ownership.


Lady Bizness has transitioned several times since I graduated from Elon University in 2001. I always knew I wanted my own company and that I wanted to be in control of earning more than corporate America wanted to offer. The only way to dictate your worth is to evolve and work hard. I have fired myself and reinvented from C Phoenix Marketing, to Phoenix Brown, and finally settled on Lady Bizness in 2010.  The nine years between graduation and incorporation showed me what adjustments I needed to make to ensure success. The number one constant in business is always money. I had to brake up with the idea that breaking even was good. I had to truly evaluate having all the bells and whistles. I had to change my methodology from being seen at everything. Money truly shaped the way that I made choices when I looked at how much work went into an event or a client. I took a long look at what I could do better and how to improve efficiency.

Once I realized how much I really wanted to make then I had to find a way to garner the attention of those that could afford my rates. This was a pivotal change because I had to stop a lot of negative things that kept my finances from flourishing. I started a practice that I call the 90 Day Focus. This process has become a way of life for me and those that follow the path to achieving goals.

The 90 Day Focus says that you can choose one personal and one professional goal and work 90 minutes a day for 90 consecutive days to achieve it.  Therefore, behaviors and activities, no matter how tempting, that do not fall in line with those goals have to be eliminated. This mindset change has been the most important thing for my business. Focus on one business goal for 90 days and do the activities necessary for you to get what you need. Money is not the most important thing in life, but it does allow you to live the life you want, and that for me, includes having a thriving business. If you can be a good steward of your finances, provide great quality, and excellent service you will create a #ShowUpandShowOut business.

You’re Invited to Give It To The People….

There are plenty of people who don’t like the Gap in their teeth, but it’s never bothered me. I’ve always embraced my uniqueness.


Confidence is a gift that many don’t have. I’m blessed to be raised by women and never let their differences Deny them…We DeFINE them! I may not be a model but I have #ModelBehavior and I’m #OnSavage & #LadyBizness approved.

Tweet:  I may not be a model but I have #ModelBehavior and I'm #OnSavage #LadyBizness approved

Introducing the new #GiveItToThePeople Blog. I have been thinking about what direction I wanted to take this blog. I finally decided that “I AM THE BRAND”.  Of course, I knew this already, but I needed that to translate into something else that is meaningful.  Expect more blog posts, videos, interviews, reviews, culture, music, fashion, food, and the overall lifestyle of Lady Bizness.

My goal is not, and has never been to follow anyone else’s path, but instead to blaze my own. I want to shine on a light on my partners, clique, crew, family, sister friends, and those that vibrate higher.