Gate City Meet Up

It’s time for the Gate City Meet up. Join is for this free event and meet other #naturals. Take photos and purchase a handcrafted pizza or salad at PIEOLOGY. You and Eat & NETWORK FOR a CAUSE as a portion of all proceeds will be donated to local Nonprofit Royalty in Training.


3316 W. Friendly Avenue

Greensboro, NC 27408

Bring this graphic with you and show on your phone.

This event is free & Open to the public and family friendly. Spread the word! We look forward to seeing you!!!


Glow Get It Women in Business Summit features Indulge Catering

In an effort to invest in Women Owned Businesses at the Glow Get It Women in Business Summit Lady Bizness has chosen Indulge Catering to provide lunch for attendees.

Indulge Catering is a fully licensed, bonded and insured catering company that is registered with the Durham County Department of Health, and operate out of The Cookery. Catering services include employee appreciation days, lunch and learns, special occasions, corporate dinners, personal chef experiences and general event catering.

Indulge Catering is a LABOR of LOVE. They are self-proclaimed “Foodies” who have a passion for cooking and strive to provide unique, fresh and vibrant foods forour guest. They pride themselves on providing meals that will satisfy your soul!

Indulge Catering has an eclectic mix of foods and desserts that are sure to please the pickiest palates. They strive for each guest to have a unique experience and taste their passion for food made from scratch.

Meet the Chefs

Jacqueline White is a Durham native and the oldest of 4 children. Jacqueline is a Certified Medical Laboratory Technician by trade, but in her heart she is a foodie. She has always had a passion for food and finds great pleasure feeding people’s souls. Jacqueline’ nickname is “The Mayor” because she has never met a stranger and never forgets a name or face.

Queen Precious-Jewel Earth Zabriskie is a native of The Bronx, New York and has lived in North Carolina since 2002. Precious-Jewel has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Medicine (Surgical Technology and CNA); she graduated from Shaw University in 2011 with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

Exposed to different cultures and cuisines while growing up in NY, Precious-Jewel developed a passion for cooking. As the eldest of 6 children Precious-Jewel has been cooking for a long time and enjoys sharing her love for flavorful healthy options while exposing her clients to outside of the box menus and taste. She believes that you should taste love in food; experiencing every bite fully.

In 2014 Jacqueline and Precious-Jewel Zabriskie came together and Indulge Catering was born.

Please visit their website at and follow them on Facebook at The Glow Get It Women in Business Summit is sponsored by NC Idea and Alamance Community College Small Business Center.

Wake Tech Small Business Center bring Instagram Made Easy to HQ Raleigh

Wake Tech Small Business Center is bringing NC’s #1 Small Business Facilitator, Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA to teach #Instagram For Business on Friday, February 23, 2018 from 11-1 pm at #HQRaleigh Capital Club at 16 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27455.

January Pinterest Made Easy Attendees with @LadyBizness

Instagram Made Easy

Instagram is the “it” thing in social media. Find out how your business can benefit from this platform and grow sales online. This hands-on workshop will teach you the following:

How to start an Instagram page for your #business

How to gain followers and keep them #engaged daily

How to integrate Instagram into your current #marketingplan

#Apps that can be used to make your photos stand out & save you time

NOTE: Attendees should come with their logins and passwords for existing social media account. Attendees should also have an iPhone or Android phone or tablet to get the most value out of this course.

#Register to attend for free at
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6 Ways To Prioritize Your Peace as a Business Owner

Every business owner gets pulled in many directions. It can often feel overwhelming if you are making a product, selling it, marketing it, and repeating the cycle over and over. Guess what? There is still more to do, especially if you are a service driven business. You have to not only convince people what you offer is valuable,  secure clients, get steady clients, and what is often left out is actually marketing yourself. 

After having a riveting conversation with Glow Getter Sisterpreneur Monifa Coffee, Editor of Txture Magazine, I realized that I’m not the only one who is a one woman shop. This article is dedicated to those that want to really take time to focus on their business and themselves, while creating a well oiled machine, a.k.a. “Your Dream Business”. 

When you decide to make the conscious choice to Prioritize Your Peace, you need to truly decide on what is the cause of the calamity. 


If you want peace you actually have to add it to the agenda. You may be the kind of person who is really structured and does the same thing everyday, but is still stressed. Routine is great, but at some point it can still be stifling. Try giving yourself a Time Out. Take at least 10 minutes a day to be by yourself with your eyes closed, no interruptions, and just be. The car, bathroom, a closet, wherever you can zone out. Try one of these apps:

Calm is Rated as the 2017 #1 app for Mindfulness and Meditation
Calm brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life through meditation and mindfulness.

Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete. It’s here to help you create better habits in 19 days.

Headspace is here to help you reduce stress, stay focused, and boost compassion. This app even has a kid’s segment for parents.

Each day have a list of no more than three tasks to Accomplish. You can choose to start with the one that is going to take the most time or the least. Experts say to start with the most time consuming, but, I say that you need to know your peak time for energy exertion. If you are not a morning person then it may be wise to start with the easiest task and work your way up. You know your levels of energy and that changes daily, so choose to complete your tasks according to your mood.

Understand that your mood may also tell you to wait until the next day. But, that is not going to get the task done and then you are infringing on tasks for the next day. So, even if you don’t “feel” like it, get it done so you can free your mind and move on.

Just like a meeting or your lunch time has a set 30-60 minutes, your tasks should have an allotment. Think about how long each task should take and leave time in the day to accomplish them. Of course, I’m going to suggest 90 minutes per day, which can be broken into segments or straight.

Literally reducing tge number of meringa, duration, and people you meet with will relieve a lot of stress in your life. Part of Proritizing your Peace comes from less interaction with people. This will easy for my introverts, but seem irrational for my extroverts. However, it really works when you see who is worth the time. If you have a phone meeting send an agenda or talking points ahead of time and keep it to no more than 15 minutes if possible.

Client meetings should take no more than 1 hour. I send my clients a breakdown of how our meeting should go. For example:
15 minutes of Goal Setting/Mind Mapping
30 minutes of Issue Resolution/Tasks to Accomplish
15 minutes of Follow-up items/Summation

This method keeps people on target and allows the conversation to stay laser focused, while addressing needs and setting expectations.

Decide on the Frequency of your posts and try to at least put out three posts per day. This can be altered depending on which outlet you are using, but it can be seen as over kill for some. But, look at your marketing in tiers.

Tier 1 – Greeting or Status Update for the day, which could include a Quote, Photo, or Simple Words to adhere to a theme

Tier 2- Directly Marketing a Product or Service with a Link to purchase. You have something to sell every day, so let people know it by posting about it.

Tier 3- Posing a Question or Thought provoking statement that increases interaction. You can do a poll style Q&A and provide limited options to enhance your decision making.

Tier 4- Request a Follow for a specific page. Asking for a Share/Repost/Comment/Tag from your audience will often show you who your supporters are and help spread your message even further with little effort from you.

Find someone else to help you with the tasks that are on your plate. It could be as simple as hiring an intern, virtual assistant, or even employing your children to reduce what you need to do.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Let me know which area you need to work on and what you found most helpful. And…if I left something off the list or you have an app that works for you, let me know. Please comment, like, and share with someone else who needs to Prioritize! 

Meet More Money, More Business Speaker Ann Zuraw

Never Give Up and it is Never Too Late to Learn—this is Zuraw Financial Advisor's
(ZFA) and Ann Zuraw’s mantra. Our goal at ZFA is to encourage women to take
responsibility for their finances. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA ®, Certified
Financial Planner, CFP ® and MBA- and entrepreneur, Ann built as a Registered Investment Advisor with assets under
management of over $190 million.


Ann served for 25 years as the only female on the
board of her family’s real estate company. She witnessed firsthand the difficulties of
running and expanding a business, along with the hardships of balancing family
dynamics through economic ups and downs. At ZFA we believe that everyone can and
should understand their finances and investment opportunities whether you have $5000
or $5 million.  Ann utilizes her blog to educate women
about improving their financial life whether dealing with aging parents, kids, partners, or
just controlling their spending. Born in New Orleans and currently living in Greensboro,
North Carolina, Ann lived in NYC, San Francisco & Oakland, and Sioux Falls, South
Dakota. Her family includes 3 young adult kids who like it or not are always learning
about money and—2 English bulldogs who refuse to listen…

 Connect with Ann at 

Zuraw Financial Advisors

806 Green Valley Road, Suite 201

Greensboro, NC 27408

Phone: 336.496.8962


The Greensboro Community Development Fund Presents “More Money, More Business”

This interactive panel will discuss the tools needed to get More Money for your Business!

Our panel of Financial Professionals will guide entrepreneurs and business owners on the path needed to 

-Build Capital to Sustain & Grow 

-Seek Grants for Nonprofits

-Improve Personal Relationships with Money

-Create Economic Development in NC

Monday, January 29, 2018 6-8 pm 

Office Evolution

806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200

Greensboro, NC 27408

6-6:15 pm Registration & Networking

6:15-7:15 pm Financial Expert Panel

7:15-8 pm Networking & Office Tours

Register Now!

Meet More Money, More Business Speaker Dr. Andrea Johnson

Several years ago Dr. Andrea Johnson’s financial life changed for the better when she encountered a group that taught classes around personal finances. She saw this as an answered prayer and began applying what she learned to her own life. Since that time she has been committed to inspiring and coaching people on how to take control of their finances step by step. Through her company ANJ Consulting Services she has worked with many individuals as a financial consultant, presented to several organizations, and has appeared as a guest on several radio shows where she discusses topics such as personal finance, credit and overcoming the cycle of generational poverty. She is committed to giving hope to those that are ready to change their financial future.


Dr. Johnson has served as a faculty member at several universities including, but not limited to North Carolina A&T State University and High Point University in the areas of sociology and social entrepreneurship. In addition to her professional experiences, she also holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in sociology (North Carolina A&T State University and North Carolina State University respectively) and a doctoral degree in Leadership Studies from North Carolina A&T State University. She has completed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Education Program and is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor.

Dr. Johnson is also the author of four books: Step by Step: How to Improve Your Credit Scores, Step by Step: How to Save Thousands on College Tuition, Step by Step: How to Create a For-Profit Business, and Step by Step: How to Create a Nonprofit Business.

Connect with Dr. Johnson

Facebook-ANJ Consulting Services




The Greensboro Community Development Fund Presents “More Money, More Business”

This interactive panel will discuss the tools needed to get More Money for your Business!

Our panel of Financial Professionals will guide entrepreneurs and business owners on the path needed to 

-Build Capital to Sustain & Grow 

-Seek Grants for Nonprofits

-Improve Personal Relationships with Money

-Create Economic Development in NC

Monday, January 29, 2018 6-8 pm 

Office Evolution

806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200

Greensboro, NC 27408

6-6:15 pm Registration & Networking

6:15-7:15 pm Financial Expert Panel

7:15-8 pm Networking & Office Tours

Register Now!

10 Business Owner Snow Day Activites

I live in North Carolina and needless to say when it snows things get closed! Currently, Winter Storm Inga is ravaging the South East and she will probably be here until the weekend. Since I am a fulltime business owner, I am always thinking about MAXIMIZING my time. I figured you might need some help to get your business a Snow Day Boost. Here are 10 Things you can do today to use your time wisely and simultaneously enhance your business. 


It seems simple say check your email, but cleaning it up may be an entirely different issue. Create folders for important people, organizations, events, and topics to make it easier to find information. 


Like many people you have probably subscribed to dozens of email lists and newsletters. However, you end up inundated with a plethora of messages every day. You can remedy this by going through each email and unsubscrinbibg6, or use Just a few clicks can help you eliminate hundreds of emails. 

If you are in Business then you know the top questions people ask about your product or service. Take your snow day and write out the questions and answers. Then add this list to your website, create a PDF that can be sent to potential clients, and make the PDF downloadable. If you want to go one step further, create a graphic for each Q&A and use it on Facebook and Instagram to educate potential customers and followers. 


People will always want to know how much your product or service is. Take time to create a Rate Sheet that lists the name, price, and description of your service.

If you are stuck inside, you might as well #LearnSomething. There are plenty of places that can provide you between 30-60 minutes of information you need to grow your business. Check out:

Small Business Administration 

Internal Revenue Service




Its not as hard to start a micropodcast as you may think. You can start by creating your script with talking points and downloading You can literally use your phone to get started right now. Check out mine at


Creating a great video that explains who you are can be a great way to spend the day. Write a list things people want to know about your background, mission, vision, and the clients you serve, products you offer, and why people should spend with you. Try to keep each video under 1 minute to enable you to share to Instagram. Make longer videos and create a series to upload on YouTube. 

Guess what? If it’s snowing in your city that means it snowing in more than one place and you have an opportunity to reach an audience that would otherwise be occupied. Use the day to GO LIVE and share a new product or service. You can also answer questions provided by your live audience. 

Create short blog posts and graphics to visuallt articulate your message to your audience. Schedule your posts for the next month. You can also syndicate your blog using Bloglovin

This is a great time to share throwbacks of your successes, testimonials from customers, new products, and upcoming events. If you already have events schedule post content like videos, photos, and helpful information. Then ask people to share your content!
Let me know which one you like the best and make a suggestion for other activities. #StayFocused and stay warm.

If you need another great thing you can do on this Snow Day, get my book, The #90DayFocus Your Action Plan for Success! 



4 Types of People to Accept Advice From 

Out Accept Advice. These two words can be very scary for many people. They can also prove to be detrimental to others.

When you counsel people regularly you encounter people who know they need help,  but have been scorned by bad advice, which in turn, means they don’t want advice. You also encounter people who want to take advice from any and everyone, which is not helpful if those providing the advise have no experience with what you need help with. Finally, you encounter people who listen, but take little to no action. Those people are the ones that claim they want results, but they tens to blame the advisor for the lack of results,  when it’s really their fault for not following through.

So, now that we know the issues, Here are three types of people you should take advise from.


Someone who has done exactly what you are trying to do. These people have already done the leg work for you. They know the pitfalls and have the connections that can make your path easier. The experienced may not always want to share, but you can always ask. Just know what with experience comes a fee. However, that fee is a small expense in return for the investment of time that you will save.


There are plenty of people who don’t necessarily know every detail about what you want to accomplish, but they do have an understanding of how business works. The actual principles do not really change that much, but the technology does. No matter what, there are basic that need to be applied to business and The Wise are typically relationship driven people that navigate easily because of the trust they have built over time.


Having a target in mind with and end goal is a skill. It is very easy to get distracted, but the focused do not want to hear about all the bells and whistles. They want to make sure the task to achieve the goal is completed. These people will sacrifice comfort to ensure completion. Having a person like this in your arsenal will always be a gut check that minimizes distraction.


When you are starting a business you need someone you can bounce ideas off of. This person wants to see you succeed and they will listen and provide suggestions. They do not need to have experience with the type of business you want to do, but they are your litmus test for the general public. The Supporter knows what they like and provides the feel good fuzzies you need.  In addition, The Supporter needs to tell you when he/she does not like something and provide alternatives to make your product or service better.

Starting a business can be scary, but finding the right mix of advisors/mentors will only enhance your business. The end goal is for you to have a viable business. If you found this to be helpful please share it, like, and comment.

You can also book a 1 on 1 Business Coaching Session with me or get a copy of my book, The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success.



Time Management = Respect

#TimeManagement is how you respect yourself! I am a self proclaimed #TimelineKillah! That phrase has several meanings so let me explain.

1. I meet my timelines to ensure great service and products for my clients

2. I make my own timelines to ensure a level of Security for #TheBag

3. I drop dope events, pics,  and videos that people love to share and make the timeline go crazy (Jeezy Voice)

Either definition still leads to the same conclusion. For me to #thrive, not just survive, things have to be done in a season and timeframe that is most suitable. You have to give your #vision a fighting chance. Time is the only commodity that we can not get more of. When you respect your time, you are honoring yourself and giving your gifts room to grow and telling the #universe that it can give you more because you can handle it. 


People often ask me, how can you do so much? The answer is always time. I Take time to #Plan, #Prep, and take #Action. I make sure I have downtime to #recharge. I make sure I have #networking time to meet new people. I make sure I have party time to shake that load off. And most importantly is #PrayedUp time to honor where my help cometh! 


Here are a few apps to help you become a #TimelineKillah too!

Acuity is my fave because it helps others to schedule time with you. In addition, it really helps me to see what time I really have to set individual appointments with clients instead of sending a million emails back and forth. 

Asana is great if you are collaborating with others. 

Online-StopWatch this is one of my faves when I want to work with a specific amount of time and keep my productivity in line. 

Toggl is great if you are working a project with multiple components and you n3ed to keep it together. 

ToDoIst is great if you are a list person and like to visually see what you have accomplished. It’s better than writing on a random piece of paper that you won’t be able to find. 

#GetTheBook #lifelessons #ParablesByLadyBizness #loa #ChisaPennixBrown #Focused #CutTheCheck #DollarsMatter #CoinCollector #90DayFocus #Motivation #Affirmation #instagood 
Please share your favorite apps with me. If you feel like this is great info, feel free to share it, like it, and leave a comment! 



Glow Getter Photo Shoot is Back! 

AIts 1st Quarter 2018 and its time to upgrade your brand! The easiest and most fun way to do it is to get your makeup done, take a photo, and do it with a group of Glow Getters!

Meet us at Revolution Mill in the private studio of David Spencer of Emagworks and take some of the best photos of your life. Each person will receive 5 edited read it right, 5 edited photos.
Plus Makeup by Cierra Graham of Grahams of Glam, which will include your eyes, brows, and lashes!

And if that is not enough Lady Bizness will be throwing in the All New Shimmer Marketing Package which includes social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Lady Bizness Website!
All of that for only $100. All fees are Nonrefundable & Fully Transferable
Be a Model for a Day and Show Us what You Got!

#Register now at