Meet a Mentor at the June GCDF ACCESS NETWORKING!


The Greensboro Community Development Fund presents our Monthly


Each month 40-70 Business owners get together to Network, Find new Clients, and See who else may be a resources for their business. We listen to what our attendees say and many people are looking for Growth, Direction, and a Business Mentor. So, we have devised an interactive event that will provide you with just that. On Monday, June 12 from 6-8 pm we are hosting a Speed Mentoring Event within our monthly networking called….MEET A MENTOR!


  • Have you been looking for a Business Mentor?
  • Join us for Meet a Mentor!
  • We will present a variety of mentors in the Triad Area & You get to Speed Network with as many as you can during the event!


  • Existing Businesses that Want to Grow.
  • Existing Businesses that need Guidance in Specific Areas.
  • New Businesses that Need Direction.
  • People Considering a Business and Want to Explore Options.
  • Anyone that feels STUCK in their business.


If you are seeking a mentor and want to find out who is available in the Triad we have a host of FREE Resource Partners that can help you grow your business and they will be in the building!

Plus…this event is Free & Open to the Public.



Is conveniently located at the Holiday Inn 6426 Burnt Poplar Road, Greensboro, NC 27409. Nestled at the end of Greensboro and minutes from High Point, Kernersville, and Winston Salem.


Register to attend at 

FYI: Additional emails, List of Mentors, and Sign up for sessions will all be sent to you as they become available. Then, Spread the Word and Let People Know about the event. Share the event with a friend or business colleague.

We look forward to seeing you on June 12TH! Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA 

CEO of Lady Bizness


GTCC SBC & Lady Bizness Celebrate National Small Business Week

The North Carolina Community College Small Business Center Network celebrates local small businesses during National Small Business Week April 30 and May 6.

The GTCC Small Business Center will host two workshops to help enhance the business acumen of those seeking to start small businesses in Guilford County.

Tuesday, May 2 from 6-8 pm prospective business owners can explore their business idea at the “How to Start a Business” workshop, which will be hosted at the Greensboro Public Library located at 219 N. Church Street, Greensboro, NC 27401.

In addition, business owners that want a hands on class can attend, “YouTube Made Easy” which will be hosted on Friday, May 5, from 10 am – 1 pm at the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, located at 1451 S. Elm Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC 27046.

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA of Lady Bizness, NC’s #1 Small Business Facilitator, will present both workshops and they are free and open to the public with limited seating. Advance registration is required at

GCDF & Kiva Can Put Capital In Your Business 

Need funding for your start-up but don’t know where to begin? has a brilliant method for allowing entrepreneurs to crowd fund a 0% interest loan up to $10,000. KIVA has successfully loaned $960M+ in the last 11 years to deserving small businesses just like yours. 

Join HQ Greensboro, Greensboro Community Development Fund, and KIVA as we assist you in learning about the opportunity and applying for capital!

Kiva Workshop
April 18, 2017
11:30am – Networking & Lunch, provided by Cafe 13
12:00pm – 2:00pm – Kiva Workshop

Register to attend for free! 

WSNC 90.5 FM to Feature Lady Bizness



In January of 2017, Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA took over the reigns of Tech Thursdays for the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium.  Since the inception of the “Amplify Format”, which allows the event to be free and open to the public there has been a drastic rise in participation from non-members and a surge in current members who were not participating.

Tech Thursdays are a monthly series of workshops that address opportunities and challenges that nonprofits face with emerging technology. Each session is presented by a volunteer expert and the sessions allow attendees to gain new insights and best practices in areas like social media, understanding website analytics, and maximizing online donations.  Having the Amplify Format was the goal of collaboration instituted by Pennix-Brown, who is the CEO of Lady Bizness. “My business thrives on collaborations, and non-profit organizations are still businesses. People still need to market their businesses regardless of their tax status and providing access to technical skills that can be passed on to others improves the individual, the organization, and ultimately the community.”

Tune in on Friday, April 14, 2017 from 7:30-8 am to find out what is in store for the rest of the year, how you can get involved, and what you can do to grow your business and/or nonprofit organization. Ben Donnelly will air the show live on the Triad in Focus show on


Lady Bizness to Headline Southwestern CC Small Business Center Social Media Bootcamp


Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA is bringing her talents to the mountains of North Carolina and spreading her energetic desire to help entrepreneurs and small business owners connect to and understand technology.  She will be the headliner for the first Social Media Bootcamp at the Southwestern Community College Small Business Center on Monday, April 17, 2017 from 8 am – 6 pm.  The workshops will be held at the                       MACON CAMPUS, GROVES CENTER 44 SILER FARM ROAD, FRANKLIN, NC 28734.

Pennix-Brown, is NC’s #1 Small Business Facilitator and that is no small feat when you figure that NC has 58 Small Business Centers throughout the state and she teaches for about 1/4 of them.  This will be her first time facilitating at Southwestern SBC and Director Tiffany Henry is thrilled to bring her talent to the campus.

Its recommended that you attend this event if you want to start your social media accounts and if you already have them and want to gain more knowledge on how to use them to market your business. Pennix-Brown takes an individualised approach to each class ensuring that each student has a take-a-way for their business.

Listed below please find a list of classes with descriptions and separate registration links for each class.  To keep an accurate record of attendees you do need to register for each individual workshop, but the great thing about this Social Media Bootcamp is that its free and open to the public.  Pennix-Brown suggests that all attendees come with their logins and passwords for all applicable accounts that will be used during the day, and attendees are welcome to bring their own laptops or tablets.

Monday, April 17, 2017 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Topic: Marketing and Sales
This is an introductory course to help entrepreneurs decide what areas they should focus their marketing attention to in reference to social media. Based on individual goals it is recommended that a business expand its reach, but most companies are not focused in the right direction to maximize leverage. This course will teach you how to · Find your customer online · List your business for impact · Develop a strategic marketing calendar · Enhance your social media while helping to engage your clients.
Monday, April 17, 2017 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales
If you are on social media you know that graphics and the message are important. But, how do you create your own branded graphics? This course is hands-on and will teach basic techniques with multiple platforms to help you brand your business with graphics. Learning objectives: Create a profile and cover photo for your existing social media accounts Additional sites, tools, and tips to help in creating graphics for each social platform Listing of free stock photo sites and ideas for content creation for your brand.
Monday, April 17, 2017 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales
Every business should have a Facebook page! Learn how to use your page to brand your business and engage your customers. This hands-on workshop will teach you the following: · How to start a page from scratch · How to schedule messages that save you time · How to automate your marketing and keep people on your page.
Monday, April 17, 2017 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Topic: Marketing and Sales
Instagram is the “it” thing in social media. Find out how your business can benefit from this platform and grow sales online. This hands-on workshop will teach you the following: · How to start an Instagram page for your business · How to gain followers and keep them engaged daily · How to integrate Instagram into your current marketing plan · Apps that can be used to make your photos stand out & save you time.
FYI: Must have an iPhone, Android, or Tablet to Effectively use this course

STC Consulting Facilitates the April Tech Thursday: Broadcasting Your Message Using Radio Interviews

Nonprofits need to get the word out about their mission, events, volunteers, and fundraising activities. One sure fire way to reach your audience is through Radio Interviews. But, what do you do before, during, and after the interview to make sure your message is resonated to the most amount of people? This workshop with Dr. K, aka Dr. Kathryn J. Addo of STC Consulting, LLC, will teach you how to use multiple forms of technology to broadcast that message.
Thursday, April 20, 2017 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Community Foundation
330 S. Greene Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
Tech Thursdays is hosted by the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium and are monthly series of workshops that address opportunities and challenges that nonprofits face with emerging technology. Each session is presented by a volunteer expert and the sessions allow attendees to gain new insights and best practices in areas like social media, understanding website analytics, and maximizing online donations.

Lady Bizness Offering a Free Workshop on Selz Using Facebook Live This Tuesday


There are many ways to make money online and one that I use is called This platform allows me to sell classes, workshops, 1 on 1 training sessions, ebooks, and even provide an opportunity for free downloads, like my April 2017 Calendar (which you can download by clicking the photo below).  I find that providing an easy way for people to access content makes my life easier.  This free workshop is designed for you to see how you can take some of that knowledge you have an make money with it.

You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain with this mini-workshop. Slide1 I typically include this Online Resource as a sales method in my Creating an Online Store and Monetize Your Ideas workshops. You can join me for free online Tuesday, March 28, 2017 from 10-10:30 am EST on Facebook Live to get the information you need to be successful. This mini-workshop is designed to help current entrepreneurs and those seeking a side-hustle by showing how this platform can used to make money like I do.  All you have to do is logon to my page at and watch live from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. I love interaction, so feel free to make comments and ask questions during the workshop.  If you want a reminder about the event then I suggest registering  in advance at

AND…..If you want to get a jump on everyone else that will be tuning in, then register and get your own SELZ ACCOUNT now!  Please take the time to share this post and join me this Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing you online!

SCORE Greensboro Hosting Paychex Workshop to Help Small Businesses Understand HR Issues

HR101A Paychex HR professional will help you understand important HR issues and will present effective strategies for staying current and compliant.

joy complimentary refreshments of Wine, Beer and Cheese while you Learn more about:

  1. Job Descriptions: Find out how to display an accurate picture of the job to applicants.
  2. Forms I-9: Learn when to require applicants to complete Form I-9
  3. Employee Classification: Discover new government regulations that may affect how you classify your employees.
  4. Overtime Hours: Become familiar with changing overtime rules.
  5. Handbook Policies.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Register to attend this event

Established in 1964, SCORE is a respected association of volunteer business executives providing FREE confidential, professional business advice to entrepreneurs and business owners.

There is no limit on the amount of counseling time.  We want to work with you until you are satisfied that your enterprise is on the right track.

The Greensboro Chapter of SCORE serves the 12 county Triad area of North Carolina including Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem.  There are, however, several phone numbers, listed below, which you can use to find mentoring close to you.

The local Triad Chapter is located at 1451 S Elm-Eugene St, Ste 2306, Greensboro, NC 27406

 Contact the chapter via phone at (336) 333-5399.


Triad NC Makers Summit Launches Fall 2017: Build, Brand & Buy

The Alamance Community College Small Business Center & Lady Bizness Continue to Engage & Impact Economic Development in the Triad Area.  Last year in November they partnered to host the Alamance Power Marketing Summit, which received rave reviews from attendees, and this Fall they intend to focus on another area of business that is burgeoning in the Triad.  The Triad NC Makers Summit will be hosted on Friday, September 8, 2017 from 9 am – 3 pm on the campus of Alamance Community College located at 1247 Jimmie Kerr Road, Graham, NC 27253 (Main Building, First Floor).

Maker is the buzz word for entrepreneurs that make items by hand and want to bring it to market to sell.  Being a maker is not a new thing, but the movement to truly embrace the genre as a popular conglomerate has grown in the last five years.  In the Triad alone we have at least four spaces dedicated to providing makers with the communal atmosphere and a physical workshop to create their items.  The Triad NC Makers Summit is specifically designed to help those doing business in the Triad to gain resources needed to Build, Brand, and attract clients to Buy their merchandise. 2

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, CEO of Lady Bizness stated, “When hosting the Power Marketing Summit, we came across a lot of people who had special needs because of the uniqueness of sourcing items, producing larger quantities, and ultimately marketing their products once they were created.”  This one day Summit is a great way to maximize resources of partners that can help makers grow their businesses.  Mr. Ervin Allen,Jr. is the Director of the  ACC Small Business Center  and he is dedicated to helping business owners with one on one counseling, leads for places to sell products, and if possible, finding capital to help companies grow. The core curriculum series offered by the Small Business Center allows makers the opportunity to gain knowledge about starting a business, but this Summit is specific to address pricing, locations, vending, using social media, and building a community which spans the Triad and beyond.

The Triad NC Makers Summit is free and open to the public. Registration for this event can be found at  In addition, the ACC Small Business Center is looking for sponsors that would be interested in aiding with the event. If you are interested in being a sponsor email Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA at


WBTV 3 Charlotte featuring Lady Bizness’ “Get Focused Business Series”

The Get Focused Business Series is designed to give you the strategies, techniques, information, and actionable tips to enhance your business.

Pennix-Brown exclaimed, “businesses are successful when they PLAN to be successful.” Having a thriving business can be achieved if you are focused on a plan of attack that combines your financial stability and marketing prowess. In an effort to expand rhe community reach with the businesses that truly need hands on training, the Internal Revenue Service and Lady Bizness have partnered to help with this free quarterly series to Get Charlotte Businesses Focused! 90 Days is enough time for you to course correct, plan, execute, and Get Focused on building a compliant and sustainable business.

Whether you are a new, existing business, mentor or a service provider for small business this will be an informative and engaging workshop for you to attend.  At each workshop attendees will receive handouts with actionable items to use during and after the event. All attendees are welcome to purchase their copy of The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success for $19.99, but it is not required to attend. Copies of the book will be available for purchase at each session.

This workshop is free and open to the public.

Wed, March 29, 2017

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

Internal Revenue Service

10715 David Taylor Drive

Charlotte, NC 28262

Register to attend at

If you are not in the Charlotte viewing area you can still see the live broadcast by streaming it on your computer,  tablet,  or mobile device at