How to Keep Believing When You Have Terrible Results

You have to believe in yourself, even when nobody else does.

This quote is so true! I want to share an experience that I had less than 24 Hours ago that had terrible results. So, even though there was plenty of publicity, emails, announcements, and RSVPs, etc I had lack luster attendance for the first time this year at last night’s “Get The Bizness” event.


Inside I felt like damn…. I should have just stayed in my lane and done events for just business or just women. Trying to branch out to families who I know need the services that were provided by two excellent business owners was out of my normal wheelhouse. My vendors did not make a dime and one traveled all the way from #VA!!!! So….am I supposed to stop believing that this could have been the best event ever? Am I supposed to just stop market8ng to families? Hell to the no!!!! #WhitneyHouston

I just need to analyze what went wrong. Reevaluate the Marketing. And get rid of any negativity, because last night I sure was saying…”I will not do any more family friendly events!”

But I woke up with a renewed since of purpose and here is my #90DayFocus Action Plan:

1. Since I am a #BusinessWoman I immediatly gave each vendor a free booth at an already successful event for no charge.

2. I got great video from the owners Karen and Gina which can be used to promo the next event. It will be posted at on my YouTubeChannel!

3. I will still tell people about their services for Stay and Play Drop in Hourly Childcare located at 5314 W Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC.

4. Instead of being so broad and focusing on families, I will narrow that to #WomenInBusiness who have children.

5. I will alter the day and time. It was on a Thursday night from 6-8 pm And there are already a number of established events during that time. I chose the time because it fit my schedule, which may not have been the best for my target. One lovely lady attended butbhad to leave around 6 pm because her baby’s normal bedtime is 7 pm. #LessonLearned

6. I will send even more emails to my target. You do gave to inundate people to make them remember now a days. Just because I am a super scheduled person, my target of parents with small children could easily forget.

7. I will continue to be a believer in me, and that means that the show must go on! Don’t let one set-back sit you down, instead Get up off of thang and dance til you feel better!

#JamesBrown #Message #SheSaidThat #Ambition #SayItWitYaChest #Action #Focus #90DayFocus #LadyBizness


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