Adventures at the Grand Opening of Unscripted Durham

My latest #explorer trek took me to the Grand Opening of #Durham #NC ‘s newest boutique hotel @UnscriptedDurham. Needless to say…we didn’t feel like we were in the #BullCity when we took over the rooftop deck with our mini #photoshoot. 

My friend Elliot is the Night Auditor for this place and he made sure I knew how magnificent it was in his description. However, it was even better than he described. I stayed the entire day from abou 10:30 am-3:30 pm and was able to meet the owners and chat about their vision for this little piece of heaven. 

They were the nicest and most hospitable people, making sure to greet and hold a conversation with everyone who entered. Believe me…there were a lot of people that crossed through the lobby that day. 

I can see myself escaping here regularly. #Travel doesn’t always have to be far, but you still need to plan to be successful. 

Using my #90DayFocus skills, I brought my laptop, charger, phone charger, debit card for street parking, which is a max of 2 hours for $3. I didn’t park in their lot, which is connected  to the building, but that’s only because it was full when I arrived. I enjoyed a Hazelnut Italian Soda even though it wasn’t on the menu, but my cool Lady Bartender with the shaved sides was awesome enough to make delicious treat for me.  

Their #WIFI was great and I nestled in the Cafe are for a Beautiful view of the street and everyone stopping by to take a glimpse at the new property.

They made sure local art, graffiti, color, and mod vibe were a part of this cool environment. 


The staff was wonderful, as were the little bites they gave out. They were clad in varied Unscripted tshirts with large font that made you want to read them.  

Jordan gave me a tour and informed me about the schedule of events, which is displayed in huge frames with colorful backdrops that give us a Mod 50-60’s nodtalgic feeling.

She slso sparked my next #adventure….Sunday #Brunch! The menus are super cute, sturdy, and double as fans for guests.

I will be back tomorrow to sample some of the fine food and beverage pairings on the only Outdoor Pool & Restaurant in the city! Get the Book and create the life you want


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