STC Consulting Facilitates the April Tech Thursday: Broadcasting Your Message Using Radio Interviews

Nonprofits need to get the word out about their mission, events, volunteers, and fundraising activities. One sure fire way to reach your audience is through Radio Interviews. But, what do you do before, during, and after the interview to make sure your message is resonated to the most amount of people? This workshop with Dr. K, aka Dr. Kathryn J. Addo of STC Consulting, LLC, will teach you how to use multiple forms of technology to broadcast that message.
Thursday, April 20, 2017 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Community Foundation
330 S. Greene Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
Tech Thursdays is hosted by the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium and are monthly series of workshops that address opportunities and challenges that nonprofits face with emerging technology. Each session is presented by a volunteer expert and the sessions allow attendees to gain new insights and best practices in areas like social media, understanding website analytics, and maximizing online donations.

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