From National Craft Month to Arts Revolution 

​So, #March is #NationalCraftMonth and I am crafting up some real serious exspeealaDOPEness! I mean that literally and figuratively. I have some jewelry projects I’ve been putting off and I have some interesting things that I am crafting with my business.

Sometimes you just have let the creativity flow and see what you manifest. Many creators of beautiful work stop at tge creating part and don’t take the  time to see how they can monetize their work. At Lady Bizness we always Shout out to all the #Makers #Crafters #Artists #Writers #Producers #Dancers #Musicians and more….But once you create are you planning to make money with it? 

If you want to go from a hobby to a business and be an #Artrepreneur then you should register to attend UNCG’s #ArtsRevolution! Arts Revolution is a celebration of the Triad’s multi-faceted art community. The morning kicks off with business-savvy educational workshops for artists, followed by an afternoon of fun, interactive art experiences with the artists and local community. The evening will feature live performances in a festival atmosphere.

Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA of Lady Bizness will be teaching a new workshop entitled “Beyond a Hobby: Maximizing Your Time” using the methodology of The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success. This workshop will switch on the Inner Entrepreneur inside you allowing you to put a dollar value to your art. 
Now its time for you to mark your calendars for Saturday, April 1, 2017 and meet at Revolution Mill 1200 Revolution Mill Drive, Greensboro, NC 27405. 

Check the Agenda




Making a Sale: Marketing Yourself,  Julene Valitutto

     Learn how to distinguish your personal brand in the art world and make yourself unforgettable.

Nuts n’ Bolts:   Protecting Your Work,  Intellectual Property,  David W. Sar

       Keep your work your own by learning how to copy right, trademark, and patent your creations. this workshop will help you avoid legal obstacles that come with being an artist.

Beyond a Hobby:  Maximize Your Time,  

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown

        Use your time to your advantage and turn your hobby into a business.


Making a Sale:  How to Tell Your Story, Pat B. Freeman

       “How to Tell Your Story” or how artists and entrepreneurs can capture the attention of their audience, whether investors, customers, etc., to effectively reach and connect them with their work.

Nuts n’ Bolts:  How to Write Grants & Where to Find Them, Erika Rauer & Aubrey Turner

      Learn to refine and further develop strategies to submit successful grant proposals.  This workshop will teach entrepreneurs how to find the best grants for their business.

Beyond a Hobby:  Finding Your Collaborators, Joel Bennett, Jennifer Hance, Lou Anne Flanders-Stec, Moderator: Justin Streuli

     Team work makes the dream work!…But only if you have the right people. Know how to find the right people that can help you get your project where it needs to be.

12:00 – 1:15 Lunch and Learn: Your Vision and Purpose; How to Make a Living and Make a Difference,Bill Johnson.


Making a Sale: Diversify Yourself, Willy Minnix

    Get your brand to stand out in a way that people will want to buy from you.  Be innovative and creative with your marketing to distinguish yourself from others.

Nuts n’ Bolts:  All About YOU!: How To Create A Financial Masterpiece, Ja’net Adams

     Learn how to create a project that will make you the best profit. Artists and entrepreneurs will learn the most profitable ways to run their business.

Beyond a Hobby:  Find Your Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula, Dori Staehle

     “Creating momentum, staying power, and a mindset for success.”


Tickets and additional information can be found at


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