Adam Ricci will be exhibiting at the GCDF Access Networking



Triad let’s welcome Adam Ricci to the area at the GCDF Access Networking event! He is 32 years old and grew up near Buffalo NY.  Adam has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has been married for 4 years.  His wife is from Brazil and they have a 17 month old son who is the center of their lives.  Adam and his wife moved to the Triad area in November and are excited to meet new people and explore the area.

He works for Sentext Solutions, and they are a Text Message marketing company.  Adam wants to make sure that we know there are very strict rules about advertising via text message, federal law requires that ad recipients have to grant permission, and Sentext has an “opt-in” platform that allows business owners to send advertisements directly to customer cell phones.  Forbes did a study and found 20% of promotional emails are opened, and 12% of social media posts get viewed, but 98% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received.  This text marketing platform allows merchants to get the most bang for their advertising buck.


There are 3 basic plans and a Corporate plan.  The basic plans are:
500 texts @ $39/mo.
1000 texts @ $59/mo.
Unlimited @ $99/mo.
Corporate – Details negotiable depending on size and needs of business

All plans have a $299 sign up fee.  All attendees of the GCDF Access Networking event who sign up will have the sign up fee waived and their first month free!
There is a referral discount, where any Sentext customers who refer new business will earn a free month of service.

Sentext was founded in Milford CT in 2011, has a 98% customer retention rate, and sends out millions of text messages ads each year. Adam is seeking to recruit more sales associates at the event.  Sentext has no joiner fee, membership fee, or monthly quotas.  It does not cost anything to be a sales associate, only a small process to register.  Sales associates get 50% commission on sales and get monthly residuals for as long as their customers stay on the books.

Connect with Adam Ricci on LinkedIn at


The GCDF Access Networking event is an evening information exchange with an educational component, coupled with curated communal networking for the movers and shakers in the Triad.

Access is defined as the freedom or ability to obtain or make use of something. The Access Networking Series is here to provide tangible learning, connections, and economic development to new and existing businesses in the Piedmont Triad area. Our goal is to coalesce resource partners, consultants, for profit and nonprofit organizations in the Triad.

Come out and celebrate Women’s History Month and learn about the convergence of For Profit and Nonprofits in NC. Meet us Monday, March 13, 2017 from 6-8 pm at the Holiday Inn 6426 Burnt Poplar Road, Greensboro, NC 27409. Register at




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