#GetFocused Business Spotlight with Bill Hier of Red Dog Woodworks

Bill Heir Red Dog Wood Works Photo By: Tee Dubose of Wizkid Gx

Bill Hier has attended a number of classes with the GTCC Small Business Center. He was referred to the SBC by SCORE, a nonprofit organization funded by the Small Business Administration, which helps to mentor entrepreneurs and business owners. He participated in the GCDF Access Networking Event in February and is a great success story for anyone seeking help with their business development and marketing. Keep reading to meet Bill and find out about his story in his own words and how his business can help you.

I have been a small business owner since 1991, however in November 2015 my wife and I relocated to the Greensboro area and everything basically has started over from scratch. Early last year I built a workshop on our property and began the process of starting a completely new business in a field that I have always loved which is woodworking. Until then woodworking has always been a hobby of mine making small gifts and things for friends. And once I learned about how supportive this area is to handmade items and entrepreneurialism I knew that I wanted to make woodworking my full time career.


So with the workshop completed and all of my paperwork and social media up and running thanks in no small part to Lady Bizness I have been traveling throughout the Triad pitching product ideas and getting ideas from retail stores and customers alike.

I particularly love that everyone knows everyone else and many times have been sent to one place or another to show my products and more often than not leads to a sale or at the very least leads to a great idea for new product. Although I spend a lot of time on the computer updating my social media sites I am truly most happy in the shop with the Red Dog “Watson” and his best friend “Nina”, hand crafting items and making sawdust.


Connect with Bill and RED DOG- Woodworks  for Corporate Gifts and Business Branding Items via Email at  reddogwoodwork@gmail.com or visit one of his Social Media Outlets:

Bill currently has products in these local establishments
Retail stores that you can see product locally:
Hudson’s Hill- S. Elm St., Greensboro
Dolce Demora- Lawndale Dr. Greensboro
All Pets Considered- Battleground Ave. Greensboro
Irving Park Art and Frame- Battleground Ave. Greensboro
Scuppernong Books- Elm St. Greensboro
Coming soon to:
Tessa Farm to Fork- Hwy. 220 Greensboro
PBJ’s Boutique- E. Murphy St. Madison
The Mad Bean- S. Market St. Madison

Join us for this month’s GCDF Access Networking on Monday, March 13, 2017 6-8 pm.

Registration is free & Open to the Public at www.GCDFANMAR.eventbrite.com .

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