Lady Bizness Brings The Lead Your Business Series Comes to the ACC Small Business Center


Spring brings a renewal of the spirit and that is exactly what is happening with the LEADS Group from the Alamance County Chamber of Commerce.  The group partners with the Alamance Community College Small Business Center to host networking events for its members, but this Spring they are renewing their energy with a host of workshops that will be Powered by NC’S #1 Small Business Facilitator, Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA of Lady Bizness.

Pennix-Brown has been teaching for the #AlamanceSBC for almost two years and was selected to bring a fresh program to the morning LEADS group to help existing business owners recharge their mojo in relation to marketing and enhancing individual skillsets.  This particular Lead Your Business Series is monumental because this will be the first time the event has been open to the public.  In an effort to increase membership for the Chamber and bring in entrepreneurs who may need mentors, referrals, and networking opportunities this event serves at a catalyst for change in the county.
All sessions are free to attend and registration can be found
Class dates, times, and descriptions are listed below.
Monday, March 27, 2017 8:30-10 am
Building Brand Advocates for Business
Customer Service means different things to different people. Expressing the need for an increase in soft skills that go beyond the basic understanding of how to do a job and understanding customer needs, wants, and likes can increase the value of your company. In this hands-on session with Lady Bizness, learn some tips for soft skills enhancement, creating memorable experiences, and increasing customer retention.
Monday, April 10, 2017 8:30-10 am
Social Graphics for Business
If you are on social media you know that graphics and the message are important. But, how do you create your own branded graphics?  This course will teach basic techniques with multiple platforms to help you brand your business with graphics.  Learning objectives:
How to create branded social media accounts
Listing of free stock photo sites and ideas for content creation for your brand
Monday, April 17, 2017 8:30-10 am
Event Planning for Business
All businesses should host events, but how do you get people to notice them?  This lively presentation will provide a blueprint with a variety on online sites that can enhance the look of your event, make registration easier, and aid you in enhancing your email list.  Using the 90 Day Focus methodology you will find event planning much easier after this course and see what type of events are best for your business.
Monday, May 1, 2017 8:30-10 am
Event Marketing for Business 
Marketing can be a challenge for  small businesses.  Discover how to most effectively and efficiently market your business and events. Gain insights to understand and reach your customer and differentiate between branding, advertising, and grassroots marketing techniques to create a tangible plan.
For each event list this:
Attendees are welcome to bring their laptops or tablets, but its not required.
For more information contact Ervin L. Allen, Jr., #AlamanceSBC Director (336) 506-4312
or call Thomasine Lewis, Administrative Assistant (336) 506-4311.

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