Create a Colorful 2017! 

​Its amazing how priorities change. Its also amazing that I still want this big pack of crayons. I always loved the colors that weren’t common. Mixing the colors and creating new looks was my thing!!!

Did you ever take paper and put all the colors all over it and then cover it with black crayon? If you didn’t then you missed out on big fun. If you did, you know what came after. 

Let me explain. When you take the time to cover the other colors with the black you are really starting the creative process.  The next step is to peel away some of the layers, usually with a penny, to show how the colors come through and create a new, more interesting design. Now, its not about the individual colors, inatead, it’s  about the collaboration of a fully realized design. 

To create such a design didn’t require you to color in the lines and stay in a pattern. It required you to mix colors that would reveal something beautiful. This process requires more time and work for a finished product. Covering up your work and letting it fade to black with the knowledge that what was coming would be bigger and better. 

Never lose your desire to create something unique. There are so many people, right now, that already have goals in 2017 to copy someone else’s style, business, designs, etc. This gives me a sad face emoji feeling, because your life and business are designed by you. Don’t take the easy route because we want to see what magical creation you have to give the world. 

Every year I start the year with a new word and something that makes me standout. For 2017 my word is #AMPLIFY! Take this next 365 days to Amplify YOUR ideas and not what the crowd is doing. Find YOUR path and #GiveItToThePeople! 

Follow me to stay inspired in 2017 at You can also start your year off right by getting a copy of my book, The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success.  

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#LadyBizness #NC’s #1 Small Business Facilitator Wishing you health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity in everything you do!


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