Diversify your Social #GlowUp!

This Week’s #ThrowThatGlowThursday feature is another woman that makes her own lane. Meet entrepreneur, speaker, and author Jada Monica Drew, owner of Social Designs. She is bringing the world of diversity and justice a new perspective and bridging the gap for the community. Find out how…


Q:  How would you describe your style?

My personal style is a mix of eclectic and country (rural). My leadership style is rooted in storytelling and creating relaxing and synergistic spaces.

Q:  What started your love for Entrepreneurship?

The idea of entrepreneurship started with working with my dad as young as 5 years old. I loved how he controlled his own schedule. He employed people. He was able to re-invent himself if he wanted. He worked probably 5 times as hard in hours spent compared to people with a 9-5, but he was passionate and had the head space to constantly be in a place of exploration. He had time to support his wife, children, and grandchildren.

I wanted to have this freedom. I wanted the responsibility provide jobs like he did to others.


Q: What led you to create Social Designs?

I desired to create a company that would embrace an alternative way of education, social justice awareness, and sustainable change practices.  But it was a process. Initially, I simply wanted to travel and train.  Then I wanted to design curriculum. Then I saw a need for global training and travel to increase exposure and impact.

Companies always evolve.  As a child, I remember Apple computers were the least desired, yet now Macs and Apple products are the most desired. Now, Social Designs is more desired as a company that specializes in leadership, equity, and inclusion training and education.


Q: What made you start the DIY Equity and Inclusion Workshop as a signature event?

The DIY experience is unique to the diversity industry! The workshop is complete with 5 hours of additional coaching, a pre-visit with leaders, an international assessment, and an additional training for staff. I wanted to provide full support to leaders exploring equity and inclusion efforts. It all began with a conversation with a very influential leader in the Triad. We were talking about the reluctance of staff to discuss and learn about diversity because ‘diversity training’ has such a negative affect these days.  People think about all the negative experiences connected to oppression, guilt, blame, feelings, racism, sexism … you name it!

The DIY Experience is a source of wrap-around services so leaders feel confident and culturally competent to embed long-term solutions, policy, and practice into their organization. Registration is open. Register here!

Q: How important is branding?

Branding is as essential to any business as a legs are to a chair. Branding holds the company up, exposes the company to the customer, creates comfort, and everyone knows and understands the purpose clearly.

Q: What top 3 lessons have you learned since you started your business?

  1. Treat mistakes like jewels.
  2. When you invest, you will reap the benefit.
  3. Reflection and evaluation time is a necessity for growth


Q: What are your 90 Day Focus goals for your business?

Currently, evaluate, evaluate, evaluate!

Q: How do you #GiveItToThePeople?

Smile and let them know with pride that I am Jada Monica Drew from the 252!

Connect with Jada from the 252 at






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