Saving is Sexy!

This week’s Throw that Glow Feature is a woman that makes saving sexy. I say this because having no debt is sexy. Running your own business is sexy. Taking care of your family is sexy. Living your dream everyday is sexy! Ja’Net Adams has been able to create a brand with her book “Debt Sucks” that empowers students, business owners, and anyone interested in making lifestyle changes a possibility.  Find out more about her story.


Q: What started your love for Entrepreneurship?

When I realized it was the only way to make a difference in other people’s lives.  In order to do that I knew I could not work for someone else.

Q: What led you to create your business?

After I paid off the $50,000 in debt people kept asking me how I did it in two years.  They asked so much that I figured maybe there was a demand for it.  That is when I became serious about Debt Sucks

Q: What sparked your interest in licensing your products, and can you explain how it works?

I can only travel so much so creating products would make sure that people still received the information while also helping me be home more.  I first trademarked Debt Sucks and then a lawyer who specializes in licensing contracts will be drafting one for my 2017 clients.

Q: How important is branding?

Extremely important!  People have to know who you are and what you represent.  I can’t help others if they don’t know what “Debt Sucks” is and what it can do for their lives.  Both online and offline branding has to be consistent as well.

Q: What top 3 lessons have you learned since you started your business?

1. People are not going to come to you.  You have to be vocal and in front of people and companies pitching at all times.

2. I can’t do it all and there are other people who have talents that can do projects much faster, therefore allowing me to build on my strengths

3.Charge for value and not for time.  I started charging clients for the ROI they would receive which will always be more than my fee.

Sam Houston Group Pic.jpg

Q: What are your 90 Day Focus goals for your business?

  • A major proposal for a huge college program that works with at risk students
  • Working to implement a financial literacy program in an elementary school

Q: How do you #GiveItToThePeople?

By sharing my story in hopes that it will help them build generational wealth.


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