Framing Your Beauty & Success

This week’s Throw that Glow person of interest is Rene Hardy.  She is the owner and operator of Charlotte, NC based Red Frame Accessories.  Renee has a beaming personality and she is making women feel beautiful by framing their faces with her brilliant line of sunglasses and accessories. Let’s check out her story…


Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I think I’m simple and classy with a hint of edginess.

Q: What started your love for Entrepreneurship?
A: I looooove being able to control my own income. “Profits are better than wages.”


Q: What made you choose accessories as your business?
A: I enjoy “playing dress up” lol. It’s amazing how something as simple as a pair of fashion frames can change the look of an outfit. I love a pair of funky glasses! It’s easy to sell something that you like.

Q: How important is branding?
A: Proper branding helps you identify the core ideals of your business & it allows people see what your business is about, it drives their perception.


Q: How do you choose the events you sell your products at?
A: I always consider the purpose of the event and the host to make sure that it’s an event that lined up with our ideals. I also consider the fees-is it a fair price for the amount of people that will be in attendance? Will I be profitable?


Q: What top 3 lessons have you learned since you started your business?
-Don’t quit, expect ups and downs. Keep moving forward.
-learn from mistakes-yours & others.
-sharpen your skills-learn something new.

2. PLAN to be successful.
-Research. Ask questions about everything, even if it feels foolish.
-Be consistent with prices, presentation & presence/energy.
-Be honest-people can sense “shadiness”
-Control the energy in your space-no matter what else is going on.
-Be confident in your product.
-Plan for different scenarios. I have a standard To Do list for each event, it helps me keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. “Lack of planning sabotages the harvest”-Ukweli proverb.

3. Focus on building a network, not just a customer list. Every person is not your customer but, they can be a great friend, resource or connection. Be nice to everyone even if they are not spending money with you.

Q: What made you start the #BlackGirlMagic event?
A: I’ve met some amazing people while building Red Frame and always trying to connect people. I wanted to create a space that allowed us to connect, celebrate, support and encourage each other.

Q: What are your 90 Day Focus goals for your business?
-Continue to build my online presence.
-Plan 2017 Black Girl Magic tour!!!

Q: How do you #GiveItToThePeople?
A: Lol, I give them this good ole Red Frame experience-a nice  variety of quality and fashionable products in a clean, fun and uplifting environment.


Follow Rene on her other social media platforms and stay connected.  She is a true  #GlowGetter and we love how she exudes confidence.  We are certain that Renee Hardy will continue to #GiveItToThePeople!


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