Southern Belle Glam Realness!


This week’s Throw that Glow person of interest is Cierra Graham.  She is the owner and operator of Grahams of Glam, where she slays hair as a licensed cosmetologist and builds beautiful faces as a Makeup Artist.  Cierra can be found Giving it to the People with her self-described Southern Belle Glam Realness. Her demeanor is a sweet church girl with a mix of sassy friend in your head. Let’s check out her story…


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Since I am a Southern Belle I would have to say I’m Classically Glam. I enjoy simple but glamours looks. Similar to what you’d generally see in the 1950’s. Clean crisp lines, bold or nude lips, healthy looking skin, and wispy lashes. The one thing you can bet on; trends come and go but, a classic never goes out of style.logo

Q: What started your love for makeup?

A: I started out drawing and doing nails. I watched videos and happened to stumble on a makeup tutorial on YouTube. At the time I was just a lip gloss girl, but seeing how these girls transformed and how their whole confidence level boosted I wanted to try it.

I’ve always been artsy so I was intrigued with the skills I had with painting nails could transfer to my face. I had very low self esteem back then, so anything that made me feel beautiful I was willing to try. Once I started doing makeup it took me to a very happy place and made me block the world out. When I saw that I could potentially be good at makeup I kept practicing different looks despite the back lash I got about me “wasting my time”. Then people started wanting me to do their makeup. When I got my first overwhelming positive reaction from a friends’ makeup I knew that this was meant to be. To make someone feel beautiful even if it was for a few hours made me feel like I did something great. It just took off from there!

Q: What’s your favorite look?

A: Something very effortless. Nice clean brow, minimal eye shadow, a fierce wispy lash, glowing skin, and a nude lip. Simple yet effective.


Q: How important is skin-care?

A: Skin care is the most important thing! Without it, your makeup wont look its best. For example doing false nails you have to get the acrylic or gel as smooth as possible, If you don’t,  when you put the paint on top it wont look good. You’ll see all the lumps and bumps and it just doesn’t look right.

Your painting is only as good as your canvas. The same premise applies to makeup and skincare. Plus, makeup is only an accessory; It comes off. You don’t want to be so dependent on it that you don’t feel beautiful without it. It’s just an enhancement to your natural beauty. Creating and adhering to  a daily regimen for your skin is vital. The skin is the largest organ on our bodies so you need to take extra care of it.

Q: What are the top 3 tools you use?

A: Beauty Blender, Eyelash Tweezers with the Light, and My Fingers.


Q: What are your favorite brands for eye shadow?

A: Coastal Scents, Urban Decay, and Colour Pop.


Q: What are your favorite brands for foundation?

A: Black Opal , L’Oreal Infallible, and Hourglass


Q: What skill do you want to improve?

A: Eye shadows, most definitely!

Q: What made you start your lash line and where can we get it?

A: My Belles kept asking about the lashes that I would use on them. Then they would go buy them and give great feedback on how much they loved them. I just knew how I liked my eyes to feel while I had them on, so I would pay extra attention while purchasing lashes for my Belles as well. Since I had such great taste in lashes, I figure why not just start my own line so they don’t have to go searching in stores trying to find what I used. You can click here to find your Grahams of Glam LashesGrahams of Glam Lashes.


Q: What made you start using Facebook Live?

A: I saw it as a great tool to interact with people that have the same passion you that you may not ever get to meet in person. Being that I’m starting an online business I figured it would be a smart move because not everybody can afford to get me to come do their makeup 3 personally but they can sit in the comfort of their home and buy my products. So what better way to promote it ya know. Also, it showcases my work live, they get to ask questions while I’m doing my makeup, and see how knowledgeable I am about what I love doing. So they can try it on their own and if they see something that hasn’t been working for them that I’ve mastered, right then and there they can ask me what to do. I love meeting great people and I’ve had so much fun doing it thus far.


Q: What have you learned by doing makeup for others?

A: Face shapes are important. You can’t do someone’s makeup the way you would do your own. Everybody is different. Also, you never know what someone is going through. As a licensed cosmetologist any beauty service is a venting session for some people. I found my purpose in doing makeup and that is sharing my inner light from God to others to uplift and make people feel beautiful. I learned a lot from it and I found myself in serving other people.

Q: What are your 90 Day Focus goals for your business?

A: To have my website up and running, 5 consistent contract Belles, and 2 Company Sponsors for my classes.  If you are looking for a great makeup artist then book Cierra.

Q: How do you Give It To the People?

A: I give it to the people by simply being the Southern Belle that I am hunny! I don’t compare myself to others.  I just let my little light shine wherever I go and never ever change this Southern vernacular.  I AM…Just Graham.

Follow Cierra on her other social media platforms and stay connected.  This lady is a Real #GlowGetter and we can’t wait to see how she grows in her business.  We are certain that Cierra Graham will #GiveItToThePeople!


Meet Cierra at the Glow Getter Dinner on Saturday, December 10, 2017 from 8-10 pm in Charlotte, NC. Tickets are on sale now and she even has a discount code GLAM that will take $5 off your admission. Plus she is one of the sponsors and will be giving away some Grahams of Glam Goodies.

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