Meet Alamance Power Marketing Summit Speaker Derrick Spruiell


“B“eing “I”nterested in ”O”thers

Yes, I know, this is an “About Derrick” spot, but we’ll get to me in a moment. Right now I want you to know that you are in the right place.  Because this section is really about how I can help you.

Put simply, I am here to help you take your business from Striving to Thriving!

…and while I am helping you get the most out of your business, I will also be helping you to change your mindset, and engage your ideal audience.

Sound like a plan?

You see, I am guessing you are looking for tactics and strategies for 2017…

Overwhelmed by social media and drowning while trying to be everywhere…  with no real results…

Looking for a better way to manage your time to get results without spending all day on social platforms.

Or maybe you are just curious about the GetNoticed Guru! (if you are then be sure to scroll down to read my story).

Mindset Marketing is focused on delivering profitable marketing tactics and strategies… Over the last 8 years we’ve been in business we’ve come to realize that all of this online marketing is valuable… if it does the job.  The problem is there’s a huge misconception of what online marketing job is.

Mindset Marketing defines success if the online marketing tactic we use produce profitable sales leads.  We do this because we know that getting profitable sales leads is the lifeblood of every company and our system keeps the focus on this at all times.

Mindset Marketing uses data driven traffic. Data driven metrics provides an unique opportunity for any company, regardless of size, to drive and profitable covert Data Driven Traffic for any product or service… anywhere in the world…

The opportunity for your company with Mindset Marketing and Data Driven Traffic is wide open…

Targeted advertising allows you to pinpoint at the individual audience level… you will be able the exact customer audience you want… with very little wasted advertising spend… Data Driven Targeting has end to end transparency to help us see all the bad ads and stop what’s not working immediately and reallocate those bad dollars to what is working.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Contact Me

Step 2:  Design Data Driven Targeting Campaign

Step 3:  Enjoy Your Competitive Edge

Derrick T. Spruiell



Register to attend the Alamance Power Marketing Summit at We look forward to seeing you this Friday!

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