Joel Leonard Joins the Alamance Power Marketing Summit


We are happy to announce that one of our speakers for the Alamance Power Marketing Summit is Mr. Joel Leonard of, where he puts a spotlight on initiatives to build pipelines of a future Skilled Workforce. He is a Community Developer focused on STEM, Makerspace, industrial workforce development, retention, and recruitment services. From speaking at international conferences, speaking before US Congress, on CNBC, NPR, creating an online TV Show, writing hundreds of columns about solutions to skills gap and working in the trenches of building pipelines of skilled technicians in aviation, machining and maintenance sectors. Recently he helped set up a makerspace in Greensboro where 16 companies were formed, 8 patents filed and over 50 job seekers got employment.

Mr. Leonard has counseled college presidents, executives, governmental leaders on how to build a stronger workforce and prepare for future talent needs. In addition, he has won several American Business Publication Editors awards for his columns, awarded the VFW Americanism Award for helping place veterans into employment, was given Greensboro Community Foundation Game-Changer Award and January 4th 2016 received the Conover Citizenship Award.


At the #APMS Mr. Leonard will speak about Marketing for Makers. We are happy to be able to have a focus on this growing business sector and his skills will help enhance your business acumen. Register today at

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