Are You Legacy Building, or Nah?

Let’s Get Real! You Legacy building, or nah? Your legacy is created by what you do daily. By all the little steps to consistency. By those you associate with. It does make a difference. 

The #StayFocused Challenge was created to help you gain perspective and create momentum. Every day we see people who wish away their lives. We see people who hope away their dreams. If they only realized that they were responsible for creating the life that would produce the desired results. That’s why doing “something” to get you closer toward your goals is necessary. 

Today’s Challenge is to list your top 3 goals for the next 90 days. We wanted to share some of the #StayFocused Challenge participants responses. 

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Its inspiring to see your goals, but it takes it to another level when you share them with others and commit to make them happen. Here are my goals over the next 90 Days!

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