The #StayFocused Challenge 

​Happy September! The #90DayFocus #StayFocused Challenge is here! Every day this month we would like you to post and tag us using #StayFocused and #90DayFocus. 

Sometimes people need a little boost to stay on track. People seek out opportunities to share positivity when there is so much negativiy in the world. The #90DayFocus Your Action Plan for Success provides a time for people to reflect inward and make real outward changes. The #StayFocused Challenge provides daily activities for the month of September to enhance your happy moments and remind you to share your gifts with the world! 

If you use an online photo collage maker like,  you can feel free to use our graphic listed above to include in your photos. Your positive posts that are tagged with #StayFocused & #90DayFocus will be shared on our Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter and Periscope platforms. Please share this post with others and check us out at the following outlets:





Look for a blog post from us every day in September. You can also ask to join our private #90DayFocus Facebook group for even more inspiration. Today’s Challenge  is to take a photo of you smiling….here’s mine! Tag…..your it! #LadyBizness

Have a great day & #StayFocused! 


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