#SuccessChallenge w #LadyBizness 

August is here and I decided to partcipate in the 31 Day Entrepreneur #SuccesssChallenge with a group known as Successful Black Entrepreneur. They have devised a nifty calendar with 31 days of actionable items that allow you to share your business with the world. I thought this was a great idea and something to keep me motivated. In this post, I will share my first 3 days with this challenge. 

Day 1. What is your mission statement?

Day 2. Outline 3 goals you want to accomplish in August. 
I create goals on a daily basis. It is the premise of my book The 90 Day Focus: Your Action Plan for Success. As you get more experienced in business it seems as though many people create lists that far excees their capabilities witjin the course of a month. I  always make sure that my goals align with where I want to be 90 days. Its not just about the current month because its a master plan for the quarter. 

For me I have to plan I advance because visibility is always a priority for me. My larger goal is to increase attendance at events. Therefore, I strategically plan media appearances to make sure people are aware od the opportunities to connect with my brand. A huge part of my goals includes blogging more. But, not just blogging for the sake of putting “something” out into the world. My goal is to provide my perspective on things that effect people like myself. Remember that Goals + Plans = Success, but action has to take place for this equation to reach its full potential. 

Day 3. List your favorite business #podcast. I chose Duct Tape Marketing because I love to get marketing and practical business enhancement advice. John Jantsh conveys an easy listening interview style with great tips for improvements entrepreneurs can make to stand out. 

Now that we have made some progress I can’t wait to see what I am able to acheive by the end of this month! I might even have a challenge of my own by September….

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