Time is Non-Refundable 

Time is Non-refundable. Don’t waste it on people who don’t respect or value the energy that you give them. You need to decide how much is your time worth? Is it worth a cup of coffee at #Starbucks? Is it worth a lunch? Is it worth the cost of a monthly bill? All of these questions, if taken seriously, will help you to determine your currency. 

Last week I hosted an event called, Beauty and The Beats, and I decided to literally create my own currency, which I named #LadyBucks.

After giving all the attendees Lady Bucks I thought about the value of them in relation to a real market. I evaluated the fact that it was not a “real” currency, but it still had value. To get food and our delicious desserts the attendees had to bring their Lady Bucks as a trade. This transaction made me evaluate what MY currency was truly worth. 
Engaging with activities and people who are genuine is something I pride myself on. My currency is based on trust, honesty, and #AbundantLife. With that epiphany comes a responsibility to only give that time to people and causes that deserve it. 

You can always make more money, but you can not make more time. Spend it wisely and #CreateYourCurrency. Do not let people nickle and dime you if your worth more. Choose your value and stick with prices that you can live with. Create your market and find those that are willing to put money in YOUR bank. My bank is located in The Republic of #LadyBizness; and we accept respect as currency. I look for people who can Direct Deposit and avoid those that just want to make withdrawals. 

Be rich in your mindset and create your currency. Practice this mantra:   

#IamRich and there are No Refunds!

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