Michelle Obama… Let’s  go high! 

Over here at the #GiveItToThePeople blog our​#Mood is on straight #MichelleObama….

Michelle Obama #DNC 2008 / 2012 / 2016

She has been the most consistent, beautiful, classy, with a smile and a light bit of sarcastic shady boots First Lady Ever! But those boots are rooted in #BlackGirlMagic and take steps everyday to make the world see that a black family with values is still something to cherish and is attainable. A black woman with her clothes on is something that’s desirable. Health is a daily effort to protect your legacy. Your children, when taught how to be great follow in your footsteps. And your huaband is the head of your household,  but he knows how to let his wife shine and keep a smile on her face. 

Photo Credit Huffington Post

You better Go high when they go low girl! I bet Ms. Obama could be the President of these good ole United States. She might not do it now, but wouldn’t you be proud to be a part of a world where your country was represented by someone whose fashion is #OnSavage? Someone who knows how to come through on the biggest stages of the world. Someone who supports up and coming designers like Christian Siriano in this Bangin’ Blue #DNC Dynamite Dress! I am here for all of this Magicness that she is giving! 

Photo credit Alex Wong Getty Images

She is #ModelBehavior. She is “The #Flotus”. She is what a modern day #DNC should want; an educated “person” that lives what they say and sets an example of a scandal free leader who lives to serve. She serves a speech, her family, great causes, the United States, and amazing fashion. She is the incomparable Michelle Obama and there will never be another like her. 

The 90 Day Focus Your Action Plan for Success

Now, Its time for us to take her example and get on our #90DayFocus to make a difference. We are not Michelle, but we can embody her essence. First, check yourself and invest in things that enhance your life. Align those chakras and that wardrobe. Then, Make a plan that will allow you to be great. Aurround yourself with people that support your vision. Next,  execute that plan like Michelle. Watch what they do, but always be prepares for your next moment of greatness. Finally, have fun while your growth is happening right before your eyes. Stay focused and Let’s Go High!  #LadyBizness 


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