Don’t Slay…..Destroy!

When you get tired of people body shaming and not allowing the big girl to be great, what do you do? You make a video about it!

Creativity will not allow just words to express the energy you have when you see people mistreated for simply being their version of beauty. You explore all the beauty of women of different hues, you enhance the #naturalhair experience, you embrace the #LGBT community, you love the brown girl, the white girl, the black girl, the #albino, the #Latina, the #Trini, the #biracial girl. You embrace the #NewYorker and allow her to shine in #NorthCarolina.

You show how #OnSavage your style is, because you exude a fierceness that is incomparable. You take the best that #Beyonce has given and transform it into something that fits your ideal society that allows women to give life. We strive to #GiveItToThePeople with all our efforts.  It’s not enough to just think it, sometimes you have to say it. Life is about action and we’ve taken it. We empower women by breaking the Stereotypes and enlightening people on what it really means to do more than slay….We Destroy!


We hope you enjoy this body of work as much as we enjoyed creating it. This is a production brought to you by Sharita Benson of, Daesha Dawson of Seraphin Entertainment, and Chisa Pennix-Brown, MBA of Video Compilation by D3D Entertainment, Video by Montro Brown, MUA’s Cierra Graham and Janika Aiken…..Love from you. Please share this video and help our message of #BlackGirlMagic Go Viral!


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