Unapologetic Entrepreneur

I am unapologetically an Entrepreneur. That means I have a million ideas, I’m always thinking about my business and how I can improve it.  My name is Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA and I am the CEO of Lady Bizness. My company is a part of my DNA and has taken years to develop into a brand that is recognized for quality. That was one of the biggest goals I set for myself when I came up with the idea for a company whose purpose lies in helping others reach their goals of business ownership.


Lady Bizness has transitioned several times since I graduated from Elon University in 2001. I always knew I wanted my own company and that I wanted to be in control of earning more than corporate America wanted to offer. The only way to dictate your worth is to evolve and work hard. I have fired myself and reinvented from C Phoenix Marketing, to Phoenix Brown, and finally settled on Lady Bizness in 2010.  The nine years between graduation and incorporation showed me what adjustments I needed to make to ensure success. The number one constant in business is always money. I had to brake up with the idea that breaking even was good. I had to truly evaluate having all the bells and whistles. I had to change my methodology from being seen at everything. Money truly shaped the way that I made choices when I looked at how much work went into an event or a client. I took a long look at what I could do better and how to improve efficiency.

Once I realized how much I really wanted to make then I had to find a way to garner the attention of those that could afford my rates. This was a pivotal change because I had to stop a lot of negative things that kept my finances from flourishing. I started a practice that I call the 90 Day Focus. This process has become a way of life for me and those that follow the path to achieving goals.

The 90 Day Focus says that you can choose one personal and one professional goal and work 90 minutes a day for 90 consecutive days to achieve it.  Therefore, behaviors and activities, no matter how tempting, that do not fall in line with those goals have to be eliminated. This mindset change has been the most important thing for my business. Focus on one business goal for 90 days and do the activities necessary for you to get what you need. Money is not the most important thing in life, but it does allow you to live the life you want, and that for me, includes having a thriving business. If you can be a good steward of your finances, provide great quality, and excellent service you will create a #ShowUpandShowOut business.


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