You’re Invited to Give It To The People….

There are plenty of people who don’t like the Gap in their teeth, but it’s never bothered me. I’ve always embraced my uniqueness.


Confidence is a gift that many don’t have. I’m blessed to be raised by women and never let their differences Deny them…We DeFINE them! I may not be a model but I have #ModelBehavior and I’m #OnSavage & #LadyBizness approved.

Tweet:  I may not be a model but I have #ModelBehavior and I'm #OnSavage #LadyBizness approved

Introducing the new #GiveItToThePeople Blog. I have been thinking about what direction I wanted to take this blog. I finally decided that “I AM THE BRAND”.  Of course, I knew this already, but I needed that to translate into something else that is meaningful.  Expect more blog posts, videos, interviews, reviews, culture, music, fashion, food, and the overall lifestyle of Lady Bizness.

My goal is not, and has never been to follow anyone else’s path, but instead to blaze my own. I want to shine on a light on my partners, clique, crew, family, sister friends, and those that vibrate higher.

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