Beauty & The Beats Project

Hi Followers,

I wanted to offer all the ladies the opportunity to participate in The Beauty & The Beats Project as a Contributing Author. Lady Bizness is looking for contributors and influencers to tell the world what your beauty is all about! We will be creating a major marketing campaign around our women’s engagement event, Beauty and the Beats. 



Our goal is to make each Beauty and the Beats attendee excited and feel like a part of the event before they even arrive! Our campaign involves an E-book that can be downloaded and it will be launched the night of the event. In the book attendees will find photos of you and links to your brand, which will garner attention via online events, videos, blogs, vlogs, and more.

Your participation in the Project will allow you to have content for the rest of 2016! We want to build an online and in person community of Beauty Influencers that don’t necessarily get the “shine” that the big bloggers/vloggers do.  We can independently create our own buzz!

If you are interesting in participating please email me so that I can send you Guide and the Link for Participation.

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA


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