#IAM #LadyBizness

#IAM #LadyBizness
I am my a creature with free will who loves 90’s Hip Hop, 60’s Soul, 70’s Gospel, Rock, and R&B. I dance to my own beat and make up songs in my head.

My favorite rapper is @nas, favorite producer is @agentcbw7, favorite song is T. R.O.Y. by @realclsmooth. Favorite lyric: I sneak an uzi on the island in my army jacket lining. Favorite group @wutang and right after I listen The Mystery of Chess Boxing I will turn on The Clark Sisters, You bought the Sunshine in my life….followed by @bilalmusic You’re All I need and Master P Bout It, Bout It….with Nakamarra by Haitus Kayote cause I’m versatile like that!

My mood can be reflected in lyrics, sonnets, and haikus….I belive in minding my own business,  but will take up a cause when necessary. I’m picky with my friends and its only a handful of them. I love hard, play hard, and work the hardest. I’m black, proud, and realistically idealistic.

I will forever be the  girl that grew up in #MtVernon with a #NY state of mind, but my #NC roots are reflected in choices of quality time with loved ones. I love good food, fruity drinks, and long brunches that end in naps. I love old movies, history, black power,  comdies, scifi, and action movies that leave you on the edge of your seat. I enjoy a break from reality to experience the world someone creates with their mind.


I’ve been naive, hopeful, gracious, and bamboozled by people. But I stand in my truth and give more than I take. I’ve met strangers and assimilated them to think about Abundance in such a way that they sprout wings and outshine their former selves.

I’m a mother to another woman’s son, who I took as my own. I’m a wife who puts no one before her husband. I look at him and see the best parts of me. I am loyal, trustworthy & sarcastic.

I teach, I dream, I build my empire daily. I use my gifts and watch them multiply in those that I have helped. I apply knowledge to make a better world one tweet, post, broadcast, and message at a time. I am a product of strong women, values, self esteem, and perseverance. I shape my reality and create my life. I am Chisa D. Pennix-Brown,  MBA. I am Lady Bizness and I don’t fit in your box!


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