Is your digital footprint “dirty”?

Today on #Periscope we discussed having a dirty digital footprint.  I think that most people do not consider all the ramifications of what they put online. According to Wikipedia a digital footprint is, the data that is left behind by users on digital services. There are two main classifications for digital footprints: passive and active. A passive footprint is information that a person may not realize is posted online about them and an active footprint is the content and information that a personal voluntarily places online.

The pattern of posting “everything” especially for the younger generation is a a compulsion and will probably be diagnosed as a disease in the near future. However, young people are not the only ones that post information, especially photos, they don’t want in cyberspace.  I suggest you think twice about the content that is put out and how it will effect you in you the future. Would you want your grandmother to see what you are putting up? Does the graphic, language, or content represent your brand well? Is this content that is representing you something that you would want published in the newspaper? Think about this as you post your photos, videos, chats, Periscopes, Instagrams, etc.

If you don’t believe me….just watch this video entitled, The Interview.

The Interview from eSafety Office on Vimeo.

You may not be able to get rid of past images, but you can control your image going forward. For tips on cleaning up your digital image visit to check out our helpful presentation with our Top 10 Tips for Cleaning up that Dirty Digital Footprint! Please share this information with your friends, family, children, and those that you know need to be more vigilant over their image and brand.

This post is an example of some of the things that I teach in my Bizness Branding Academy course “Power Portfolios”.  If you are interested in booking this event on your campus or for your organization please email for availability.


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