Lady Bizness is on Periscope

Lady Bizness on Periscope

I wasn’t an early adopter of the social media outlet #Periscope for one reason. I did not have an #iPhone. Some of the best apps come out on Apple first and with an Android phone you are often left with a sad feeling because you want to play with the latest toys too. However, I feel that being able to see how other people are using the app gave me the push that I needed to get on board. So, last week after a successful Social Media Day (#SMDay) it was all the rage.  Of course I couldn’t be left out of the loop. That evening I downloaded the app and was immediately hooked.

I love the way that #Periscope alerts you to new broadcasts and provides a short amount of time for you to imbibe the content. The 24 hour window makes sure that people pay attention because we don’t want to miss great information.  The perish-ability of the content is actually super exciting and for a social media junkie like me it gives me even more ideas.

The one downside to this application is that some people are truly overusing it already.  You don’t need to post 3-10 times per day. This is a personal notation that would make me un-follow someone.  However, if you have great content or are showcasing a conference, workshops during the day, etc. then I can understand the multiple broadcasts.

This app has made me want to do more interviews, create more content, and apparently blog more.  I actually have blog posts scheduled….WTF! yes….its true. I am so much for focused on my individual brand due to personal and professional goals to increase my consistency and visibility.

So, now all I need for you to do is to download Periscope and follow me at @LadyBizness.  I will be doing a live broadcast 7.10.15 at 9 am EDT and I would love to chat with you! Join me and we will be discussing the Value in LinkedIn! ‪#‎BiznessBranding‬ Let’s connect in advance on #LinkedIn at and just in case you need it my email is  Let’s Show Up & Show Out! together.


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