Distraction of Opinions


Do not let the opinions of others distract you from your goal!  Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, but you have to recognize your triggers. They could be people, activities you would rather do than focus on your goals, food, drinks, parties, and just plain laziness.

Either way, whatever your trigger is you need to evaluate that behavior that keeps you stuck in the same place. Once you determine your goals take ACTION. Allow yourself time to develop a plan and don’t let anything stand in the way. There’s always going to be some barrier and for many of us, it’s money.  But, you can not allow money to stop your ability to proceed. Some of the most successful people came feom nothing and built empires.

What is the minimum that you need to achieve start working towards your goal? Find out what you need and begin today. The piecea will fall into place and become more apparwnt the harder you work and the more you belive in yourself regardless of what outsiders think.

Decide on the legacy you want to leave behind and don’t let anyone who doesn’t have drive and determination deter you from making the life you want.

Recognize the difference between those that are cautious vs those that are naysayers. Recognize the difference between the Devil’s Advocate and the Debbie Downer.

Your goals should challenge you and those that want you to succeed will support you even if your vision isn’t clear to them. The lion is not bothered by the opinions of the sheep. Start your #90DayFocus today!

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