I SWOT, Do You?

Completing a SWOT analysis is intricately woven into the way that I teach and the way I do business. I SWOT, Do You?

For those of you that have attended one of my classes or that have a great business acumen, you already know what a SWOT is. For those of you that are saying “what” let me explain it to you. A SWOT analysis is an objective way for you to examine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for success. I personally do a SWOT at least once a month to stay focused and make better decisions for myself and my business. If you haven’t done a SWOT in a while, or ever, now is your chance to get started. The strengths and weaknesses are internal as these are items that you can immediately make changes to and assess. The opportunities and threats are external forces that you can’t control directly, but you can still make efforts to reduce based on the actions you choose.


Now, take out a pen and write down your skills, experience and what you hope to gain over the next 90 days to help you reach your goals. Putting this down on paper and deciding to take action once you know the weaknesses and threats allows for more opportunities for growth. However, you still have to take actionable steps to acheive your goals. Knowing what needs to be improved is great, but you must then implement a SWOT strategy.

I highly recommend using this method when you have big decisions to make and to enhance communication efforts with your stakeholders, co-workers, and partners. Now its time to get your SWOT!



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