Why are you living in a box?


God has given you the world…so why are you living in a box? You live in a box when you waste your talent, education, experience, and/or life by living on the low.   There are people out there that need your skills and epertise. My advice: Turn up the volume and #GiveItToThePeople.

You were put here to share the talents that you have and to find out what you like. Whatever makes you happy that you would without pay is your opportunity to break out of the box. However, God also sent you here to have an #AbundantLife. So he has provided the help you need on the inside to allow your gifts to come to fruition. Listen to that sound…..do you hear it? If the volume is low…turn it up!

What you need to do is turn off all the white noise. What’s the white noise? That’s all the naysayers, the dream killers, and those energy drainers. When you put them on mute or change the station they have two choices.
1. Remain silent and allow you to get the rewards you deserve.
2. Go elsewhere with that “noise”.
Either way…it puts you in a position of control.

Now that you know what to do you can feel free to create a melody that is all your own. It’s there, but you’ve got to put your hand on the dial and turn it up. Live outside that box and  let WORLD know that you have the voice they have been waiting to hear. #StayFocused and Motivated and above all else #GiveItToThePeople

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