Return of the Curls

We had to support this DOPE event #ROTC Curls Around the World in a Big Fashion. And what’s bigger than being a Speaker for the Show, hosting a Booth with grand items from @BySBenson @TheDiary5140 and @NaturalzBiz, plus being a super marketing partner?

When we do it, its done. So…now all I need you to do is get your $10 Adv Tix from http://www.ReturnofTheCurls. If you are interested in vending there are still spaces & let me tell you this event is WELL attended, last year over 500 Naturalz in the building email info@ReturnoftheCurls to get your booth, and you can also market in 500 Swag Bags for only $25 (email marketing@returnofthecurls) …

C’mon now….I better see you at the #Greensboro Coliseum on Saturday, August 23, 2014! Bring your pretty face bc you know I want to take photos! #NaturalzBiz #LadyBizness #AdmitYoureHappy#ROTC2014 #NC #NaturalHair

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