“Man Cannot Dis…

“Man Cannot Discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” -Andre’ Gide

Last night I watched #LifeofPi.  This was a phenomenal movie and has quickly risen to my top 5 of all time, but more importantly at this time of transition in my life I think that it is my new FAVORITE movie.  This film told a story that was so vivid, interesting, and filled with hope.  The quote above is so appropriate because Pi had no choice but to lose sight of the shore. And even when he did find one shore, he had to leave that one too.  


The journey is more important than the end result and we have to be willing to do this in our personal lives and in business. There is always an unknown factor, we just have to be brave enough to prepare and take on the new challenges.  Today is is officially day 4 of my decision to lose weight. This is not simply for vanity or because I want to be a certain size.  This is for health and a desire vision that I have for my life.  When you are only 34 and you begin to have back problems, shortness of breath, and a lack luster for traditional workouts, you have to do something for yourself.  We always know what’s right, but that doesn’t mean that we do it.  So, it is my desire to avoid my family medical history of diabetes, cancer, and even kidney issues.  I want to live a fuller life and that starts with leaving the comfort of the couch and knowing that there is a better life beyond the shore.  


Share this with someone and tell me your vision for discovering new oceans.  Comfort is not always the best policy, but showing up and showing out is.  




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