Eat More or Less Chicken?

This to blog post is inspired by Tyjauna Wilson of Tyland Writings blog posting “Everyone is better than me.” The post had so much in it that I was like whoa…

First of all, Chik-Fil-a is probably receiving record-breaking numbers now because of taking a stand. I do not agree with the stand, but I love a Chik-Fil-a sandwich and their more than hospitable service. I saw all the posts about going to the restaurant on family night and only patronizing by buying a beverage, but silly people you are still patronizing, giving them free media attention, and being a part of the problem.

Maybe some restaurant should come out and say that they love gay people and will gladly take their dollars. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, Chik-Fil-a is Winning like Charlie Sheen. Now, realistically, I know that is not the answer, but C’mon People. We should stand up for what we believe in. I believe that Mr. Fil-a has a right to his opinion and his business stands on principles whether I agree with them or not.

My brother, Kiyon Spencer made a post on Facebook yesterday which stated the following,

“OK, I’ve reached a breaking point on this ongoing Chik-Fil-A debate. With the

understanding that Chik-Fil-A’s management are obviously prejudice and

unsupportive of gay marriage, I keep thinking about all the other brands we

support on a daily basis that would gladly take your money and still hate you

for any number of reasons (ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc). What about the

businesses that would gladly advertise their acceptance of your lifestyle just to

turn a buck? Does that keep you up at night?
Better the devil that you know? I’m not so sure anymore.”

My stand is that I support love and freedom and happiness. I discriminate against ignorance and that comes in many forms. But that does not mean the ignorant cannot be redeemed. Let’s learn to love the human spirit and ingenuity instead of dwelling on what makes us different. Lady Bizness loves people, gay, straight, white, black, asian, etc. We just want the world to Show Up & Show Out! in a positive way!

Respond and let us know your views on the situation.


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