Reading is FundaMENTAL!

Remember when we were young and Reading Rainbow was our go to source for knowledge and information?  I thought that the library was the best place in the world and I would stay for hours.  I always wanted to read the books that Levar Burton suggested because they sounded so great. Well, now that I am a grownup, there is no exciting reading source.  Of course you have Book TV, but that does not excite me in the least bit.  We have Oprah’s Book Club, but I have never been one to follow the trends and just go with what everyone else is reading. And to be honest with you, I wasn’t really interested in fiction past childhood.  Once you grow up you tend to read what’s important now and sometimes forget the fun that reading bought to you as a child.  Technology has also made us change the things and the way that we read.

However, I do know that there is value in finding knowledge whenever you can. So,  I was given many recommendations on Timothy Ferris’The 4-Hour Work Week.  I was hesitant to get it because everyone exclaimed that it changed their lives, but I really couldn’t see the change until my business partner, Sharita Benson of S. Benson Corp, began to make radical changes in her business and the perspective that she had on growth with a renewed focus on outsourcing.  Once I was able to see her transformation I said, wow, let’s get this book.  So, I have been reading for  about 2 weeks a chapter at a time, in the car, in between meetings, etc. and I have found that I am the New Rich or NR that Mr. Ferris talks about in his book.  I think just like this, but I have not fully capitalized on my potential because ironically, I work too much.  By working too much I was not able to enjoy my family and travel the way that I want to.

I resolved that I need to follow some of those principles.  So, in the middle of the day I took a trip to Goodwill to see what they had to offer.  I was astounded by the amount of books that they have and get on a weekly basis.  So, I decided to make time for reading and make it FUNdamental by getting some things that interest me and that I can use to enhance my personal growth.  Here are some of the books I picked up.

My Reading Rainbow

Click is by George Fraser and my husband is currently reading this.  It helps for those that are in need of a positive approach to networking both personally and professionally.  The Office Spa is a great little read that tells you how to relax at work and make the day less stressful.  It also provides food choices to make your day better coupled with exercises.  The others are just waiting for me to read, but I think that once I finish with The 4 Hour Work Week, I will make more time to enjoy reading for business and pleasure.

What are you reading this Summer?  What do you want to read that you haven’t got around to yet? Let us know and comment if you have read any of the books in the picture above.  I’m Showing Up & Showing Out! reading can still be FundaMENTAL, But “You don’t have to take my word for it!”



FYI Levar Burton is working with Apple to bring the Reading Rainbow to the iPad. That makes me smile! Check out the article Here!  And then click the video below to have that nostalgic feeling…


One thought on “Reading is FundaMENTAL!

  1. Hey Chisa, I read everything! Read on mythology, science, business, hair, meditation, LOL and yes books like 4 hour work week. I have The Human Built World, The Charge (by Brendon Bruchard), New Growth: How my hair changed my life, Healing the Body using the Mind, A Fine Balance (2nd time reading this) and Embrace Your Journey all lined up as reads on my bookshelf in my bedroom. I read about alot of things…I try to read ideas verses other people interpretation of ideas (example The Human Build World is a a book about the idea – or the broad general concept of how we see the world, the Charge is about Brendon’s interpretation of the same idea). Both are great, but I like to know things as others now them not simply how they’ve been able to water it down into a simple bit and translate it for me. So for that I get into “geek” mode and read science books LOL believe it or not they are very informational and entertaining. Learning how our body works or how the world works around us is extremely enlightening and helps me in business (and life) overall.

    Thanks for sharing!

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