PoetShe Presents Women Speak Womens Rights | PRLog

Every month Poet.she hosts a book signing, meet & greet, and open mic in conjunction with Barnes & Noble to give women a place to express themselves and have a voice.
The event is held free of charge at the Friendly Center Barnes and Noble located at 3102 Northline Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27408 from 7-9 pm. 

This month Poet.she will be doing something a little different. The conversation will be centered around Women’s Health, Empowerment, and Rights. This themed was spawned from the recent decision of North Carolina to de-fund Planned Parenthood and how that decision affects women not just in our community but everywhere? 

PoetShe will be partnering with the Greensboro Health Center to invite women to come speak out about the issue and get more information on what this decision means women.  In addition, a silent auction will take place to auction off pieces of art, with a portion of proceeds will go to the classes and resources that Planned Parenthood offers.

All women are encouraged to attend no matter what their personal stance is on the issue! This event is open to the public and the group is anxious to hear the viewpoints of everyone!   Additional information on the group and its activities can be found athttp://www.ladybizness.com/#!poetshe.   

PoetShe Presents Women Speak Womens Rights | PRLog.



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