Our dreams are sometimes bigger than our means

Our dreams are sometimes bigger than our means, but that does not mean that they can not come true.  I just received a letter from an organization that I am a part of via an online membership, but I have also been to one of the in person meet and greets.  The letter explained that the organization has chosen to disband all local chapters and that meetings will now be held online.  The letter also encouraged members to meet in person and keep the momentum going, but it explained that the desire and reality of support do not measure up.

This letter was written from the expressed concern and true desire to hold on to a dream, but the realization that the dream may need to be changed at this time. I think that in life and business we go through the same thing on a regular basis. Remember that you are not starting over, you are under construction. That means there is already something there, a foundation. But, you need to keep the work going to function. Making changes is what life and business are all about, but you must be OBEDIENT to your bills and your well-being. Procrastination has personally cost me a lot of time and money that I can not get back.

The dreams may be bigger than our current means, but if you have faith and a work ethic the means will be provided for you. My advice…..Talk to your pocketbook, wallet, bank account, or all three and tell them what you need.  They will provide for you even if you do not know where its coming from. Keep your dream alive and make the personal and professional adjustments to keep everything in perspective!

How do you Show Up & Show Out! when you are faced with tough times?

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Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Lady Bizness, Inc. CEO


3 thoughts on “Our dreams are sometimes bigger than our means

  1. When my personal or professional life is faced with tough times, I have to take a step back and examine the see-saw. A cost analysis is great for your business and some personal introspection is needed for the household.

    At work, which bills are necessary to keep you open and generating more income? Those have to take top priority. Then take a look at the investments you’re making in advertising, marketing and labor. Are you getting the ROI that you anticipated; or are you simply throwing money down the drain? I know that I’ve recently had to scale back on labor that was not giving me the productivity level that the business needed to grow. That alone will let the income you already have coming in, help you with the bills or obligations that take top priority. It adjusts the see-saw so that each side is level. If not, continue to chip away at the unnecessary spending until you can find a good medium.

    At home, sometimes it’s hard, but maybe we have to cut back on those finer brands in life. =) When I’m going through tough times, I may take a better look at the coupons that come in the mail every week. You know, that junk mail that usually goes in the trash to avoid clutter on your kitchen table. LOL. Instead I dive in and see what I can save on from groceries, household supplies, vehicle maintenance; even nail salons have coupons for you if it’s just something that you CAN’T let go of. However, letting go of the extra bonuses may be just what you need to get back on track. I also like to keep a piggy bank! A change jar that always comes in handy when I’m on my last leg and the funds are not coming in time for a really important bill or that unexpected flat tire. I never touch it unless emergencies come up and try to add to it every chance I get. You’d be surprised how much you can save from loose change. Then at the end of the year, if I haven’t had to dip into it, it makes for a great way to treat yourself at Christmas time!

    I hope these tips help someone else as they have helped me over the years during those tough times. Remember to stay strong, never give up on dreams and always be determined to make a way.

    Think Skinny, Live FABulous


  2. Generally speaking, unless we were born rich, most people’s dreams are bigger than their means. And dream can come true with faith and persistence. Even though our pocketbooks say one thing, our connections and relationships say something all together different. I truly believe that we have everything we need to reach our goals in the people we know, and because of those relationships, we can get to where we go a little faster with fewer dollars. You’re still going to get quality work, but it will be for a lower rate because of those relationships.

    Here’s one thing I learned. Most people with jobs have just enough for their daily living expenses with little left over. If you use money as an excuse to achieve your goals, you would never pursue them. So dream big and establish quality relationships along the way. And watch and see what God will do.

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