Lady Bizness Tips for Getting on Track

I’ve had several conversations today about Getting on Track.  Most of us realize that we are the problem.  The time in the day is still only 24 hours and maybe we wish there was more time.  According to Catering Sales Manager at the Clarion Hotel, Jakoma Jackson, “Sometimes we are overwhelmed and that in itself can cause procrastination.”  Jakoma went on to say that the demands of life and the job can take you out of your comfort zone and that needs to be settled with a little meditation.  I think that she is correct. She also exclaimed that knowing that “you” are the problem and the solution is the first step to recognizing that you are off track. Jakoma went on to say that she prioritizes her day daily, answers emails, and telephone calls daily, and makes every effort to satisfy her clients.

Owner of ReInvent Boutique, Jernan Smith, advised that, “we know that we should believe that our problems will be solved, but we have to take action to solve them.”    Again, another true statement, but the question lingers in your mind as to the direction to take to get the tasks completed.  At Lady Bizness we are a big believer in the TO DO LIST! You really don’t realize how much you have to do until you write it down.  As we get older we forget things….I know this is a shock to some of you, but I forget things too! So, to remind myself, I create lists that help me to stay on task. Here are the Lady Bizness Tips for Getting on Track:

  • Time your daily projects and routines based on 30 minutes increments. Once you have your schedule then get a timer to help you stay focused.
  • Schedule specific tasks at the same time each day, week, or month and stick to it. It will become a habit after 90 days and you will always stay on schedule.
  • Give yourself time to be early.  Schedule yourself at least 30 minutes ahead of your appointment to give way for unexpected interruptions, such as, flat tire, traffic, forgot something at the house, lost keys, etc.
  • Make sure your schedule has time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, personal time, and family time. There is nothing worse than being in a meeting with a growling stomach, especially a meeting that will take longer than you want.
  • Write your to do list daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. You know there are things that happen every year, so plan for them.  use this for your savings goals for trips, special occasions, and your personal treats.
  • Use email alerts, text alerts, phone alarm, or online calendars to remind you of tasks, even if they seem small, you can forget.
  • Keep your to do lists for at least a month so that you can see what you have accomplished and when you accomplished the items.  This also allows you to revisit your tasks and keep track of purchases.
  • Plan your week out by buying groceries, pre-prepping outfits, creating notes, and making sure you have a to-do bag/basket/file/etc. This way the things you need for meetings will be in one place.

If you follow these tips, starting today, you can begin to get yourself on track. Make a to do list for the rest of this week first, then move on the month, and incorporate some fun in that list.

Show Up & Show Out! with your new On Track Lifestyle!

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

The Social Media Concierge

Lady Bizness, Inc. CEO 

One thought on “Lady Bizness Tips for Getting on Track

  1. Chisa, these tips are so true not only for those in business, but for life in general. I too am a big To Do list writer. I love the idea you shared of incorporating a timer to have set; there are many task that I can get sucked into and go over the time limit that I’ve set for that task. Not even realizing that the time has past.

    I will also be incorporating adding personal and family activities to my To Do lists after reading this post; that is a GREAT perspective you shared and it allows for you to keep balance in your life. As Jakoma mentioned, the idea of being overwhelmed in itself can cause us to procrastinate even more. In my life, the overwhelming feelings often cause me to procrastinate on time for self. This has been something heavy on my mind and heart over the last month, so this post is right on time! I’ve slowly started to make sure I leave work at work and take care of home at home; but after reading this post, I will be sure to create a personal To Do list that incorporates fun for myself and my family on a weekly basis and not just once a month or when events are coming up. It’s always the little things that matter most.

    Thanks for being who you are and sharing you with me!

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