Not Another “Opportunity” Meeting

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a little while now, but the same things remain true online as offline. People want fresh content, they want to be a part of something, and they want it the way that they want it. One thing that I have learned  is that people actually want me to blog more and about more topics. So, I have been looking at business through a lense that allows me to be the customer instead of the big box seller.

The Multi-level Marketing               Business Model

Multi-level marketing is a great way to get your business started. I would suggest this method for those that need guidance, a program that is already set up, and a proven track record of product performance.  However, realize that if this is the business that you choose, there are hundreds and event thousands, of other people selling exactly the same product as you.  You can’t claim that your product is better, but you can provide better service.

How does it work?

What most people overlook with multi-level marketing is that it is set up just like real life.  Only about 10% of the people in the company, or less, are the millionaires. Then you have those that work really hard and they are the upper middle class, those that work it part-time, but are good at it, and they are the lower middle class. Then you have those that get into the program and really do not put the work in past getting their initial investment back, if at all, and they are the lower class. But, no matter what class you are in there is a hierarchy that exists and entry-level people make entry-level money.  Each company has the concept of multiple streams of income because in the real world, that is ideal.

The Opportunity Meeting

In my opinion, every meeting is an opportunity! You get the chance to meet someone new and tell them about yourself, your products, and your services.  Some do this better than others, but ultimately you have the same opportunity to sell.  The key is figuring out the person that will most benefit you and that you can mutually benefit from in a business relationship. You have to get them to BUY INTO what you are selling first.  The phrase Opportunity Meeting chimes in my head and make me think of sales pitch. I want MLMers to stop using this as a catchall to drive sales and get people in the room.  Be more creative and change the name of your presentation.

Marketing is a Skill

Learning how to sell a product is not the same thing as marketing the product. I want people to know their product inside and out. When someone asks a question you should know the answer.  Here are some tips to help those in MLM businesses.

1. Research your product. Know the ins and outs of what your product does and does not do. Know the side effects, and the outcomes of benefits to real people. Take and/or use the product yourself to see the results.

2. Research your competitors and be able to tell people why your product is different, better, equal, cost-effective, etc.

3. Know your company rules, downline rules, history, and triumphs. Share your commission checks with potential clients so that they can SEE how beneficial it is to you.

4. Give your potential clients a heads up about what to expect when they attend a meeting. Time frame is always key when you are asking someone to attend an event.  Recognize their attendance with a thank you email, Facebook post, phone call, or even a hand-written note.

5. Visit other networking groups to share the benefits of the products and services without even telling them the name of the parent company and see if they are interested.

6. Create your own UNIQUE brand within the constraints of the company. People are buying from you because they Know, Like, and Trust you….so make YOUR company, YOUR Company by coming up with a tagline and branding that suits you.

9. Make sure you ask questions to find out a person’s true desire, know that everyone wants to make more money, but if a person is not diligent in the things they do now they will more than likely not be a good candidate for your business.

10. Think about a TARGET market before you join a group. Most of the MLM companies want you to start with your friends and family. That is great, but when you use them up what next.  Instead of writing a list of your 20 closest associates think bigger into a network that will be interested and then find it, use it, and continuously market to it.

Make your next OPPORTUNITY meeting a real opportunity by employing some of the lessons and personalizing your services. Share this article with those in your network because this technique is effective for individuals, down-lines, and even start-ups who want investors.

Show Up & Show Out!

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown. MBA


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