Q: If your life were a book, what is the name of the chapter you are on now?!

The question was posed to many groups in Facebook, “If your life were a book, what is the name of the chapter you are on now?!”.  The answers were outstanding.

I want to thank all of the women who contributed because this was an option, but it still took thought to decide what your current path is because we are often so focused on life that the chapters are not realized until after they are written.  Giving your life a destination gives it a specific purpose and goal. So, listed below are the contributors and their current titles.

April Joy On the right path

LeAndra Eccentricstyles Chamblee Change

Dafina Maddox Laukam On the right path, don’t lose focus…

Terrie Booker Chrysalis

Larie Writes Learning Something New EVERYDAY!

DrGail McClain Hayes I am WOMAN, hear me roar!

Anissa Barbee Transformation…from what i use to be, to what i am suppose to be

Latasha Anaga Quiet Ascension and Harvesting

TheCreative Ones I Wish God Didnt Trust Me So Much

Mstete Ross I just started a business… Now What?

Katherine Thisneedstobesaid Waddell This Season is called:Transformation

Stevii Mills The Evolution of Just Stevii

Rhonda Nails PUSHed into a New Chapter….

Michelle Ifill Mine would be : Positive Changes & Transitioning for the best!

Stephanie Irby-Suell Getting back to me!

Quality Baskets Success has always been yours!

Kimberly Matthews-Hooker Mine would be – “Oh Lawd Gezuz Help Me!” LOL

Meochia Clayton Stills Sorry I am late, this chapter is “Defining”

Chisa LadyBizness Pennix The Anticipation of Blowuptuation!

When you read these titles do you identify with any of them? If so, let us know who inspires your story and then list your own chapter!

Your life is waiting for you to write it down!

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