Color is King for the Spring

Spring is here…the temperature is up and your outfit temperature should be up too!                         This is a Lady Bizness approved set that should work for any size, shape, and                                   complexion.If you are fair-skinned then you can pull out the reds and make it                                            pop with a red lip. Make sure your eyebrows are arched to perfection as this                                            type of dress will draw attention to your face immediately after everyone is                                          finished staring at your form-fitting dress.                                                                                                   For a great look try Serenity Suite Skincare and get a threading to add a                                               natural look to your eyebrows.

If you are olive-toned or a medium brown, then pull out your jewel tones                                             and greens to bring a spring look to your eyes. Jewel tones are great for                                                all shades. Focus on your purple shades to bring drama that is sure to please,                                        then make sure you use a dark liner to give yourself an extra wow factor.                                                For a high pigment look try using a primer and then put on the makeup. If you                                          want to kick it up a notch you can even add in a couple of eyelashes.

If you are a little more brown, like myself, then you love all the colors because                                        they enhance your features in every way. I love to mix the colors in the eye                                        palette to blend in at least three of the colors in the dress. I have also added                                            in a nude pink lip to bring attention to the makeup and have a little shine.                                                      I love the turquoise pump to add a little height.  Each month I view my shoe                                      selections at ShoeDazzle and you can too!

Your accessories should be interchanged to mix and match with each outfit                                    depending on your daring attitude.  Make choices with your accessories that                                         allow versatility and make your dollar stretch a little further. Visit the                                                      Just Fab Boutique to find hot items to adorn your spring wardrobe.                                                     Color is King for the Spring!

Color Your Spring

Mary Katrantzou sleeveless dress
$1,028 –

Casadei peep toe pumps
£434 –

Schutz almond toe pumps
185 CAD –

AX Paris blue shoes
£33 –

HEATHER BENJAMIN tear drop earrings
£320 –

Kate Spade stacking bangle
$128 –

Moschitto Designs cuff jewelry
$42 –

BonBon Boutique facets jewelry
€25 –

Tear drop earrings
$15 –

Madewell stacking bangle
$14 –
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