The Not-So-Classic Pencil Skirt

When you think about the professional woman, what do you see? Do you see her sophisticated glasses? Her freshly pressed, dark suit jacket? How about her heels- smart and of a reasonable height? Maybe even the classic, black pencil skirt? All of these images conjure up the picture of a strong, independent, professional women, right? Wrong. These images resemble the boring, traditional look that used to be the norm for professional women. Today women have a whole new closet of options that can still be appropriate in the work place.

Take the pencil skirt, for example. The pencil skirt is defined by its shape: a slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. In a professional situation, any woman can easily add a pop of color or a level of interest to their outfit by straying from this conventional look. The key to maintaining a level of professionalism is to not go too wild, too short, or too tight.

The pencil skirt should fit your body. This means that hem should fall to, or just below, the knee in general and is tailored for a close fit. The skirt should not look too loose or bulgy.

The skirt can still be paired with a blouse and the optional jacket or cardigan, just as it always has been. The key to remember here is that the top should look good with the bottoms. The colors con contrast one another, match one another, or accent one another. So long as the pieces don’t clash, you are fine! Once you have the right pieces to put together, make sure the pieces all fit your body the way they are supposed to. Professionals need to know what to wear and how to wear it- that means knowing the appropriate size.

The absolute most important part of your fabulous yet professional outfit is that you have to feel comfortable while wearing it. If wearing the red blouse makes you feel silly or out-of-place… if the tweed skirt is out of your comfort zone… whatever it may be, you don’t want to feel awkward in your own clothing. If you want to slowly make your way to bigger pieces of color, my suggestion would be to start small. Add a bright necklace one day, colorful earrings another. Work your way up to a red belt or shoes that provide an accent color. Before you know it you’ll be making a statement and feeling good while doing it!

Just remember: it is important to look professional in the work setting, and that doesn’t have to mean boring.


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