Throw it in the Bag

We all have some way that we transport our goods on a daily basis, but does it have to be boring? NO! Its that time of year to upgrade your briefcase and make your bag stand out just as much as you do.  This article is dedicated to the ladiez that love to have a fresh bag by their side, but are practical enough to know that it needs to have plenty of space for all the things a lady needs.  This type of lady is always on the go and needs a bag that accommodates her style and calendar.

Throw it in THE Bag!

Starting from the top and work clockwise we have a great variety of bags to choose from . At 12 pm we have more versatile and classic bag in black.  My main bag that I carry every day is a black, patent leather, snake-skin embossed bag that enables me to carry the laptop, files, a smaller bag, and all the toiletries and snacks one business lady needs to make it through a day at of meetings, organizations, and publicity.  This bag can also double as a weekend bag for those that travel a lot and just need to throw it in the BAG!

At 3 pm we have the loud and proud yellow big bird bag.  THis bag is not chicken and is ready to handle the all your tasks while making itself a centerpiece of you wardrobe.  When others take a look at the bag they can assume you are fun-loving and have a couple of surprises in your bag. This bag is perfect for attending the Power Moves Conference in Charlotte, NC, Saturday, March 17, 2012. This event is where the women in Charlotte that want to make professional connections and show their desire to expand their businesses will be at.

5 pm rolls around for the lady that’s a little more traditional and wants to have a femininity-punch of color with a salmon hued addition to the wardrobe.  This bag goes great for the business lady that likes to wear neutrals because its not a far fetched option, but it spices up your brown, beige, nudes, and goes well with hints of orange in your wardrobe.  This is great for those that attend a Sista Sense Social hosted by Blogger Supreme; LaShanda Henry, and want to have plenty of business cards and information to share with fellow attendees.

7 pm floats in with a bold royal blue.  Blue is often seen as a business staple, but this blue says you are ready for the Democratic National Convention that will hit Charlotte, NC from September 3-7, 2012.  For details, volunteerism opportunities, and updates visit  Royal blue makes your black stand out and feels very nautical when paired with white.  Accessorize with a scarf or a pin that shows your support for the Invisible Children of KONY 2012.

9 pm makes its debut with a money influenced green bag that brings in thoughts of a completed day.  By 9 ppm everyday we would love for our bags to have plenty of money from all of our hard work.  This type of bag is great for ladies that need quick access to cell phones, iPods, etc.  Bring this bag to a Triad Afterwork Social because there are always plenty of people to meet at these events.  Lady Bizness will be at the next one on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at the Clarion Hotel.

Somewhere in between all the solid bags you need a print.  The print can be playful, serious, but should be colorful.  The pattern you choose it up to you, but make sure its something that goes with your existing wardrobe so that you can dress around the bag. Wear this bag to any event at Savoy Estates or any Lady Bizness event that you attend.  We love color and personal style!  Reply and let us know which bag suits your personal style.

Still Showing Up & Showing Out!

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Throw it in THE Bag! by ladybizness featuring summer tote bags

Dsquared shoulder handbag
$357 –

Reed Krakoff tote handbag
$5,900 –

Miss Selfridge green tote bag
$38 –

Reed krakoff handbag
$990 –

Chloé leather tote
£1,105 –

Valentino summer tote bag
€1.610 –


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