10 Questions with Rhonda Nails

Rhonda Nails is a dynamic woman with a vision to increase visibility for business owners through her platform for Project P.U.S.H.  We were able to get in our 10 questions to provide a little background on what got her started and what keeps her motivated.

Q1: What is your work status?

Signature Notaries

I am Self-employed. Signature Notaries, LLC is my business, and Project PUSH is my organization.

Q2:   What made you take on the business that you are in now?

I have been a Notary since 2005, and since I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit it was only logical that I turn my Notary services into a business. Project PUSH is my passion for seeing other entrepreneurs thrive and succeed.

Q3:   What is the best compliment that a customer have given you?

Thank you for being YOU!

Q4:   What is your weakest area in your business that needs improvement?

At this point, marketing has been the major weakness…but not for long.

Q5:   How will you make changes to reduce your business weakeness?

As we speak,I am making immediate changes in the way I market and who I market to. It is important to KNOW who your audience is.

Founder of Project PUSH

Q6:   What is the strongest part of your business that makes you successful?

Both businesses are personable. You are not just a Notary or client. You are an individual and will be treated as such. I believe that is why I am referred and have repeat business over and over again.

Q7:   What advice can you give to someone that wants to be a part of your company?

You must communicate effectively if you are to be a part of my team. There is too much FREE technology to not be able to get your message to someone.

Q8:   What is your favorite inspirational quote?

There are so many…but my current favorite is : “It’s not who is going to let me…It’s who is going to stop me.” ~Ayn Rand

Q9:   Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Signature Notaries, LLC will be THE premier Nationwide Signing Agency and Notary Network. It will be known for elite client service and a superior notary staff who go above and beyond for it’s clients and contractors.

Project PUSH will be a new and innovative movement of motivation and positivity that flows through the entrepreneur network. Everyone will know what P.U.S.H. stands for! P.ursue U.ntil S.uccess H.appens!

Q10: What one thing do you want people to remember about your business?

4 letters : P.U.S.H.!!!!!

Project PUSH


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