Finding Your Bliss: Review

Sitting in the Library of the School of Creativity, nestled in room 211 were a group of six women that were creating their bliss.  I walked in and apologized for being late and was welcomed with open arms.  Immediately I was enthralled in a conversation that spoke of creating your reality and making positive choices.

Melissa Watts the Creative Director of the Dragon Fly Business Center advised, “you are not here to stress over bills.  We are here to prosper and have everything work for us.”  Focusing on the words that you put out into the Universe makes a difference in how you feel and what you attract.  Questions and comments flowed through the room as people were able to give examples of how speaking the positive messages have worked for them.  In the background a light Indian flute soundtrack played as Misty Mcewen-Matthews of, stated “you have to believe that there is heaven on earth”.  Our thoughts and our words bring about the vibrational theory that is provided by the Universe.  So, that means that thinking negatively will bring negative things to happen.  Making a decision to think positive and seeing the silver lining will change your thought process to allow all the good things that life has in store for you to manifest.

The advice that I was able to assertain flows as follows:

  • Write your own affirmations that make you feel good and positive.
  • Get into a new habit that makes you focus on the things that you want to happen.  This can help you avoid getting into a slump and thinking negatively.
  • Make a concious decision on how you want to feel so that you can manifest those fellings and make them appear.  You can use these items listed below to aid you in our journey:
    • Stickers
    • Audio CD’s
    • Books
    • Music
    • Notes
    • Daily emails with positive messages


My favorite take away from the night was the affirmation of “I am where I am and it is enough in this moment.” Know that appreciation is a spiritual force. Another group member explained that our purpose can be so familiar that we don’t recognize it. You have to be open to receive your purpose and open yourself to the possibilities.

Accepting the fact that you are the Creator of your situation is a hard lesson for some.  However, you have to imagine the things that you want so that the Universe can deliver it to you, so that you can have Bliss.  The voice from within will tell you when you are in alignment with your passion and your purpose.

Overall, I felt better after attending the meeting.  I know that positive affirmations and energy will bring you the results you want.  We have to realize that things may not come immediately, but they will come.  If there is anyone out there that needs a positive word of encouragement or a life coach for a longer duration then check out Melissa’s site for more inspiration at or request to join the Facebook group.

What can you do to create your bliss? Let us know y responding, re-posting, Liking and Tweeting out this blog post!

Still Showing Up & Showing Out,

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

Lady Bizness, Inc. CEO

The Social Media Concierge

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