Angie Wall for the First Ladiez Forum

The First Ladiez Forum is right around the corner on Friday, february 10, 2012, from 6:30 pm-9:30 pm at the Luxurious Clarion Hotel, located at 415 Swing Road, Greensboro, NC 27409.  Lady Bizness was able to have a chat with one of our Panelist, First Lady Angie Wall of Greater Hope Cathedral.  

We asked First Lady Wall  five questions to provide a little insight into her views and this is what she said!

Q: What makes you feel like a First Lady?

A: I know that I am a first lady by the respect that I receive from others.   Being in place with my husband on Sundays, I know that I am a first lady.  I don’t really feel like a first lady, but I do feel important every day.  That is because it’s me, not because of the title of first lady.  I have ushered, cleaned up the church, gotten on the floor with the children, and done some of everything to make things go right.  I’m no more important than any member of the congregation, I’m just me.  

Q: What inspires you to do the work that you do in the community?

A: I enjoy helping people through conversation.  I like to solve problems with people and I get my biggest high through interacting with people.  I don’t ever meet a stranger.  I’m free to be who I am regardless of status and titles, because I am strong and independent.

 Q: What advice would you give to someone who does not feel valued?

A: Find a mentor and know your own weakness to be able to seek help. They need someone that has been there and done that.  Experience is your best teacher and that person is apt to have good advice to encourage you.

 Q: Who is your favorite first Lady character?

A: Michelle Obama.  She is strong independent, highly educated with a mind of her own.  She is able to move things and make a difference.

Q: What is your comfort food?

A: Homemade Chocolate cake and especially a Mr. Goodbar candy bar. However, when I am feeling a sense of turmoil, the best remedy is for me to read the word of God to calm me and center my spirit.

Special Thanks to First Lady Angie Wall for participating in our Press Night for the First Ladiez Forum.  Now, its your turn to tell us what you thought about the interview.  make sure you get your tickets at! For more information, interviews, and news please check out our co-host for the event Deloris Williams at Divine Connections.


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