Would You Recommend You?

One thing that social media allows us to do is communicate our feelings and experiences.  However, it goes even further by providing an opportunity to share your recommendations for services, products, and even people.  When using LinkedIn, Facebook, BeKnown, Yelp and several other sites you have the opportunity to recommend and endorse others. I have recommendations on each of these sites, but I often think about others who are lacking in this area.  Are they lacking recommendations because they didn’t ask for them? Are they lacking recommendations because they do not see a value in them? Are they lacking recommendations because no one wanted to recommend them?

Each of these questions brings me to the topic of this post; Would You Recommend Yourself?  Most people will instantly say yes.  This response is often due to our own   ego and of course we want to be the best.  However, I propose the question not to be vain, but to make people think about others that they would recommend instead of themselves, and to urge you to get more recommendations to support your business.

If you ask me to aid you in creating a brand for your business I can say without a doubt that I can help you.  However, when it came to getting my own biography written I chose to outsource this to a young lady that I felt was capable of providing an image that I would read and say, “Hey, I want to hire that person”.  

So, I chose to go with Tyjuana Wilson Writing.  Sometimes providing the basic information and then allowing someone else to construct an image is better.  You typically view yourself in one particular way.  However, others are looking at your actual experiences and strengths that you may overlook.  The other great benefit to working with Tyjuana was that she had never met me.  We didn’t have a personal relationship, and she was actually recommended online by someone else.

If you ask me to create a flyer or promotion for you, then I can say yes I can do this for you.  However, I choose to outsource my work to another young woman named Angela Wesley of Alegna Media Designs.  Her skill and ability were clear to me as a member of the Business Women group on Facebook.  She has created Facebook profile images, business cards, and a newsletter that I thought were wonderful. Her design style fit my aesthetic and her prices fit my budget.  Sometimes, the best recommendation is simply the work itself.  Does your work and work ethic speak for themselves?

The basic theme of this post is that I am confident in my abilities, but I am not above recommending others if I feel that their abilities are better suited for your needs.  Knowing what you can do and can not do is the sign of a great leader.  Delegating and connecting the right people is a skill that has to be honed.  I am ready and willing to take on new clients, but I do not need all clients, and all clients do not need me.  We all need someone else to spread the word about our business is a positive manner.  Use these tips for recommendations.

Recommendations help you to do the following:

  • Get Leads and Get Hired
  • Find new customers that may have overlooked your brand
  • Differentiate yourself from others in your industry
  • Build YOUR brand and reputation in the community
  • Increase your Net-work and your Net-worth
Tips for getting Recommendations:
  • Ask for them.  If you don’t ask, oftentimes people will not supply!
  • Email your customers and ask them to review your product.
  • Send products to bloggers and ask for a review.
  • Make it a part of your contract, that your customers review your work after completions.
  • Send evaluations and keep them to post on your site.
  • Have video questionnaires during and at the end of your events.

Here are a couple of recommendations that I have received on BranchOut.  This is a resume/social networking site that functions as an application through Facebook.  You never know where your clients are, so make sure you are everywhere.  I didn’t ask for any of these recommendations.  The people here simply felt compelled to write a small blurb, but the impact is clear.  No matter where I’m at, or what I’m offering Lady Bizness, Inc. is synonymous with quality.  This is something that every business should strive to achieve.

I have one social network site that has no recommendations on it.

If you would be so kind as to visit http://www.gigsalad.com/lady_bizness_greensboro and write a recommendation for me, I would greatly appreciate it.  I would recommend me, what about you?

As always, Show Up & Show Out!

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

CEO of Lady Bizness, Inc.

The Social Media Concierge

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