Finding an Accountability Partner

Many of us say that we want to make changes in our business practices.  We want to get things completed in an orderly fashion  We want to be on time, complete projects in advance, etc.  The list goes on and on, but what happens when things are left up to just us? A lot of times the goals that we set get passed over by procrastination. If we are to really be effective and truly productive, we must have an accountability partner.

An accontability partner is defined as a person who coaches another to keep a committment.  This can be a mentor, a friend, a co-worker, a group or organization member, your spouse, and even your children.  Staying on task and making sure that you are headed in the right direction is not just your responsiblity if you let others help you.  Here are some tips to   use to seek an accountability partner and what you should ask of them.

Being Honest

Being Honest with yourself is the best accountability partner that you can have.  You know what you want to do even if you don’t know how it will be accomplished. Take the time to confide in someone else to make your dreams turn into tangible actions is important.  Using your resources and asking for help will make a difference in your relationahips.

Write down your plan or goals

When you write down what you want to accomplish whether if its long-term or short-term goals there is thought that is put into the process. Ask someone to review it and make suggestions.  Then ask that person if they will be your accountability partner and keep you on task.

One tool that you can use is an application called  This application can be used on your mobile device and all your computers.  It stores information that ranges from notes, pictures, websites, to do lists, and more.  The site is free to use, but of course it has a premium feature which allows more storage and group networking.  The price is only $5 per month or $45 for the year.  Using this system can erase all the little paper notes that you have lying around and encourage organization, while sending you reminders for accountability purposes.

Set a defined timeline

Giving yourself a goal is great, but how long do you need to achieve that goal?  Once you get a timeline, ask your accountability partner to check in with you weekly, monthly, or annually, and see what you progress has been.

One online goal that I have is to save a defined percentage of money within a given month and year.  To help achieve those goals, I give my husband a set amount of business cash weekly and I use online website  This site allows me to see my spending habits on a weekly basis and lets me know how I am doing with my savings goals.  This is great for tax purposes because it itemizes each expense and gives you categories for your spending.

Use social media tools 

If you do not want to share with one person, then send out an email, a wall post, or an invite online to see who is interested in joining your quest and making sure that not only you are on task but them as well.  Sharing an experience can be a great way to bring success to your goals and help others in the process.

One great example of this is Greensboro based business FABulous Transformations by Princess Campbell.  She conducts monthly meetings in Greensboro and Raleigh NC that allow her clients to post pictures, share success stories, and attend a live function  to contribute to the group.  Her website is and she makes a point to bring clients together and make them accountable for their weight loss goals.


Now that you have the tools, use them.  Call a friend up, tell them your goal, and make it happen.  Let me know what you need help with and I will try to point you in the right direction. My accountability partners are my husband, son, Office Manager Jacqueline Harris, Mentor Will Hall, and Associate Mentor Yolanda Johnson-Bryant.  Whether they know it or not, they all keep me on my toes and make me want to do better.

Remember to Show Up & Show Out with your Social Media.

Chisa D Pennix-Brown, MBA

CEO Lady Bizness, Inc,

The Social Media Concierge


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