New Year’s Body Solutions

Instead of making New Years Resolutions I have “resolved” to make New Year’s Solutions.  I think this is a much better way to deal with whatever areas you want  to improve on for 2012 and beyond.

For example, diets, fitness gurus, etc. make so much money in the beginning of the year because people are thinking about all the food they ate and how gluttonous they have been over the holiday season. However, we need to take a look at portion control, detoxify our bodies, and changing our eating habits in general.

So, one thing that we can do to solve our weight issues is to make real changes in ourselves.  That is easier said than done, but if we are real with ourselves, are we really going to change what we do?  If not, then suggestions could be to change the clothes and accessories that you wear to accentuate the features that are most important for your body type.

There are four main body shapes of women which can be classified as follows:

  • Banana body shape/Rectangle/ This is pretty straight up and down with minimal curves
  • Pear body shape/Triangle/Smaller upper body and larger toward mid-section and bottom
  •  Apple body shape/Bigger up top and small on the bottom
  • The Hour Glass/ Pretty Equal on top and bottom

For the Banana Shape you should try to accentuate your waist to give a little definition to your body.  You will look great in belts and long chains for the New Year.  Accentuate with sparks of color in the midsection and focus on a wider jean or pant to give you a little extra curve.

Bananas can afford to wear a wild pant with a little extra color and styling.  To minimize the rectangular shape that a banana has you can also wear blouses with exaggerated sleeves and bring out the tone on tone jewelry and accessories.




For the Pear Shape you should try to wear tunics to elongate your waist and bring attention away from the hips.  In addition, wear a stacked heel to make yourself a little taller and bring attention down from the hips.  You can also layer tops and wear colorful tops to draw the attention up.

A lot of Pear shapes tend to have a little stomach which can be covered with a flowy shirt that can be a little longer in the back than in the front.  Your jewelry should be fun and color to your wardrobe.  Bring out the feather earrings and don’t be afraid to mix metals together.

For the Apple Shape you should focus on covering your midsection and decreasing your upper body for a more sophisticated look.  A lot of apples make the mistake of letting it all hang out because they often feel that is their best feature.  However, leaving a little to the imagination is a better and more professional look.

 Let me assure you that skinny leg jeans, leggings, and really fitted pants are not the friend of the apple.  Dresses with layers make an apple look great.  Make sure that your top is covered so that a great support bra can be worn.  Gone are the days of bra-less apples.  In addition, you may want to put on a support garment which will smooth the roundness of the midsection and give more emphasis to the waist. Solid colors and V-neck lines are also great for apples because they can be more playful with accessories and shoes.  Having the solids and mixing with whimsical patterns brings emphasis to the solid.

The Hourglass Solutions lie in making sure that the body stays balanced.  There needs to be an equal emphasis on the top and the bottom if the hourglass specifically wants to draw attention to the shape.  Wearing Skinny Jeans will bring a major emphasis to the waist and make the rear look really large for an hourglass.

Wearing solids on the lower half of the body is a great way to pull attention to the mid section and bring the eye up.  It clearly indicates a stop and starting point on the body.  Hourglasses may want to avoid wearing horizontal stripes to detract from a side to side view. Bringing in clothing that is designed to cinch the waist without extra effort tends to make an hourglass shape appear more natural and well put together, such as the leather jacket listed to the left.  Having great outter-wear is essential when thinking about a collection that can be easily tied in with a simple t-shirt and smaller yet still bold earrings will enhance the hourglass.

So now that you know what New Year’s Solutions are available and you can identify your shape, take a few pictures with our tips in mind and reply to the blog, post on our Facebook Page, or email them to And remember to Show Up & Show Out in 2012.

Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

CEO of Lady Bizness, Inc.

The Social Media Concierge


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Body Solutions

  1. Wow…I just got this electronic contraption ans all of my spelling was wrong. It just types what it wants too, please forgive me….what I meant to say and I qoute; I pray God’s blessings and favor over your biz-ness. I’m so happy for a sister doing her thang!
    Stay blessed!

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